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Taiwan’s Fried Chicken Master At NEX – Serangoon, Singapore

Fried Chicken Master 炸鷄大獅 has travelled from Taiwan to Singapore and rested their feet at NEX. Within 2 months of operation, I heard raving reviews about them; even from friends who aren’t influencers are singing their praises. This seriously arouse my curiousity as the biggest question in my mind was how good can Fried Chicken be. Be Korean Fried Chicken or the various international or even local Tender Fresh 可爱鸡, tasted similar. As long as it is crispy, succulent and moist, it tastes good. It can’t differ much, isn’t it?


Anyhow, I dropped by their first outlet at NEX to verify it myself. The outlet, taking over Twelve Cupcakes (they moved to the opposite unit now), is tiny. With approximate a dozen of stools for dine in, hence it is very much for take-away. It has a cute lion mascots which attracts attention.


Taiwan's Fried Chicken Master At NEX - Facade


Taiwan's Fried Chicken Master At NEX - Dinning in Area


The items offered on Fried Chicken Master menu very small. 3 of the Fried Chicken items used the same marinate; Lovely Jimbo ($5) uses breast meat, Running Jimbo ($4.80) has the thigh and the Flying Jimbo ($3.80 for 2pcs) are wings.


Surprisingly, the breast meat turned out to be the best, even for one who refuses breast meat all time found the Lovely Jimbo juicy and succulent and the batter versus the meat is low. Running Jimbo is quite disappointing as the batter was far too thick. This marinate is lightly spicy and sweet.


Taiwan's Fried Chicken Master At NEX - Lovely Jimbo ($5)


Taiwan's Fried Chicken Master At NEX - Running Jimbo ($4.80)


Cutey Jimbo ($4.80), similar to the popcorn chicken, is the only item that has a different marinate. It has a soy-like flavour. The flavour is richer than the former items.


Taiwan's Fried Chicken Master At NEX - Cutey Jimbo ($4.80)


There is a Jimbo Burger in the Jimbo Run Away Meal ($5.50). Ciabatta bread was chosen instead of the usual burger bun. I love the sauce that complemented the meat, however the chicken meat is too little for the amount of bread. The other Jimbo Value Meal is the Jimbo Cute Cute Meal ($4.90).


Taiwan's Fried Chicken Master At NEX - Jimbo Burger in Jimbo Run Away Meal ($5.50)


In case, you spotted the “Jimbo” throughout the items and wondering what it means. It is 2 Chinese characters 金宝 pronounced in the Hokkien dialect referring to treasures. At Fried Chicken Master, they have three Jimbo. First, only the best chicken parts are used, Next, only quality ingredients are added. Finally, customer service.


Taiwan's Fried Chicken Master At NEX - Onion Rings ($2.50)


Taiwan's Fried Chicken Master At NEX - Crispy French Fries ($2)


Currently there are 4 sides on the menu. The 2 highly recommended items are Onion Rings ($2.50) and Crispy French Fries ($2). If you like McDonald’s twister fries, try their fries. It has close resemblance. The 2 other sides are Jimbo Rice ($1.80) and Mash Potatoes ($1.80).


Taiwan's Fried Chicken Master At NEX - Drinks


Finally, coming to drinks, instead of the commonly found soft drinks at fast food joint, Fried Chicken Master offers Earl Grey Milk Tea ($2.50), Kumquat & Lemon Juice ($2), Lychee Black Tea ($1.80) and Roselle Tea ($1.80). 


The hot favourite drink is the lightly sweet with sufficient tea scent, Earl Grey Milk Tea. The second best seller is the Kumquat & Lemon Juice for those who like sour stuff. The sweetest among the 4 is Roselle Tea. Somehow, all drinks except the milk tea, complements well with the fried chicken.



NAHMJ Verdict


Generally, the Fried Chicken has a sweet hint, succulent and juicy meat with ultra crispy and yet thick batter. 


Taiwan's Fried Chicken Master At NEX - Menu




Fried Chicken Master

21 Serangoon Central, #B2-48A, NEX, Singapore 556082
Tel: +65 6593 9403



Opening Hours


Daily  1030 to 2200


Getting There



  • Circle line or North-East Line – Serangoon station


By Bus:

  • Serangoon Bus Interchange   100, 101, 103, 105, 109, 158, 315, 317
  • Opp or at Blk 334 along Serangoon Ave 2   45, 58, 105, 109, 133, 135
  • At Serangoon Station along Upper Serangoon Road   107, 107M, 147, 153, 853
  • At Serangoon Station along Serangoon Central   22, 43, 43M, 53, 81, 82


Rating: 7/10



*Disclaimer: This was a media invite.