Portico Prime At Dempsey Singapore - Facade

Portico Prime At Dempsey – Dempsey, Singapore

Portico Prime recently has revamped and now they have with them a vibrant team. As such they have introduced exciting new menu. And I could testify and assure all that the dishes are highly palatable after our taste test.


The space was previously occupied by Prime Society which was for the extreme high budget diners but this is not the case at Portico Prime. 


Portico Prime At Dempsey Singapore - Another view Interior


Portico Prime At Dempsey Singapore - Bar Counter


High ceiling single storey building that looks spacious and classy but yet casual. There are various private segment for function that is good for up to twenty plus pax too. In the night with the dim lighting, it feels romantic suitable for a dating dinner too.


Portico Prime At Dempsey Singapore - Cocktails and Mocktails


At Portico Prime, a good list of alcoholic drinks is available though for the non-alcoholic drink list is pretty limited. Nonetheless, good selection was offered.


Portico Prime At Dempsey Singapore - Bread





Kicked off dinner with 6 appetizers. Roma tomato Salad with 2 textures jamon, puffed quinoa, hijiki seaweek and rock melon dressing was the first item. If you have read my previous post, you would know that I would avoid tomato as much as I could. After all, it was pleasant, nothing wow though.


Portico Prime At Dempsey Singapore - Roma tomato Salad


Pan seared Hokkaido Scallop with Baby romaine, crispy bacon and brown anchovy mayo was good though no surprise.


Portico Prime At Dempsey Singapore - Hokkaido Scallop


Mussels fan, watched out for the Live Scotland blue-lipped mussels. The mussels was extremely fresh and the best was the soup settled at the bottom of the pot was the essence of the dish.


Portico Prime At Dempsey Singapore - Live Scotland blue-lipped mussels


Yet another dish I adore, Pan seared foie gras. Uniquely paired with caramelised banana and beetroot puree was certainly amazing. 


Portico Prime At Dempsey Singapore - Pan seared foie gras


Kagoshima A5 sirloin was to die for. Dip it with a little of sea salt to bring out the maximum flavour of the beef. I was glad that half at the table doesn’t eat beef hence I devour them all.


Portico Prime At Dempsey Singapore - Kagoshima A5 sirloin


The Chilled truffle angel hair pasta won hands down. It was the favourite of everyone at that night. Intensified truffle flavour mesmerized each and everyone of us. It was too delish till we asked for a second serving for sharing.


Portico Prime At Dempsey Singapore - Chilled truffle angel hair pasta



Main Course


With a deep understanding of the ingredients by the Chef, hazelnut matcha crust that was bittersweet were scattered on the Baked cod fish and together with the yuzu foam augmented the flavour to multiple folds. I couldn’t believe that matcha could do the trick. It was an eye opening moment.


Portico Prime At Dempsey Singapore - Baked cod fish


Roasted chicken leg alone was extremely unexceptional. Be astonished when it was eaten with the chili navy beans. To add on a different dimension, purple cabbage and carrot slaw was by the side.


Portico Prime At Dempsey Singapore - Roasted chicken leg


Lastly was the incredible Portico signature burger. The patty, onion marmalade and bun were all made in-house from scratch. That explain why and how good the burger was.


Portico Prime At Dempsey Singapore - Portico signature burger





Coming to the end was dessert time. First was the Portico homemade sorbet with Lychee, Passionfruit and Green apple flavour. To each his own preference. Personally, I have an inclination to all things lychee hence that is my fave. Added granola for some crunch was a smart chocie. In awe by the bowl. To slow down melting process, the sorbet were served in literally an ice bowl. 


Portico Prime At Dempsey Singapore - Portico homemade sorbet


Next was the Creme brulee. Nothing short of delish. It was a creamy and custard like brulee.


Portico Prime At Dempsey Singapore - Creme brulee


Saving the best for the last, the Deconstructed black forest. A chocolate based dessert. However, some blackberry jam or jelly added to the dessert would be perfect.


Portico Prime At Dempsey Singapore - Deconstructed black forest



NAHMJ Verdict


In a nutshell, food was incredible though we felt, comparatively, the appetizers and mains to be far better than the desserts. Leaving the desserts with rooms for improvement.


Portico Prime At Dempsey Singapore - Interior


Dishes that we would certainly order are Chilled truffle angel hair pasta, Pan seared foie gras and Kagoshima A5 sirloin for appetizers; Portico signature burger and baked cod fish for Mains and lastly the deconstructed black forest to round up the meal.



Portico Prime

10 Dempsey Rd #01-20, Singapore 247700
Tel: +65 6474 7427



Opening Hours


Tuesday – Friday  1130 to 1500, 1800 to 2230 (Last food order 2200); Saturday – Sunday  1130 to 1500, 1800 to 2330 (Last food order 2230); Closed on Mondays

Open for drinks at 1700


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight at or opp Bontanic Gardens along Napier Road   7, 75, 77, 105, 106, 123, 174


Rating: 8.5/10



*Disclaimer: This is a media invite.