Gavia Natural Sweetener - A Sugar Replacement Alternative

Gavia Natural Sweetener – A Sugar Replacement Alternative

Gavia Natural Sweetener is another sugar replacement alternative available for the health-conscious and is also suitable for the diabetes. Today, we have lots of sweetener in the market but what I dislike about most of them is the weird and disgusting taste of the product. I checked it out at the Gavia Teacup Session.


I was amazed to find out how versatile the Gavia Natural Sweetener is. Unlike most sugar replacement as the chemical structure is not stable, Gavia could be used in Bakes. Be it in Brownies, Tarts or even Muffin. The best part is that the bakes tasted as close as those making using with sugar.


Gavia Natural Sweetener - Brownies


Gavia Natural Sweetener - Tarts


And of course, without doubt, it is in non-bake goodies such the Strawberry Yogurt Cheesecake too.


Gavia Natural Sweetener - Strawberry Yogurt Cheesecake


Not forgetting in the drinks too.


Gavia Natural Sweetener - Tea and Coffee



What Is Gavia Natural Sweetener?


Made from Stevia plant extract and Erthritol, Gavia Natural Sweetener is an all-natural, zero calorie and zero glycaemic product. For centuries, Guarani people in South American uses Stevia to sweeten their tea and food. This amazing plant was spread to Japan and they too use it for many decades.


Research showed that the Stevia extract does not elevate blood sugar level and blood pressure hence it is suitable for individual with diabetes as well. Per Geuns JM publication in Phytochemistry, Stevia has a very low acute toxicity, and no allergic reactions to it seem to exist. Globally established that stevia sweeteners are safe for people of all ages at an Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) of 4 mg/kg body weight.



Price & Promotion


Each pack of 150g Gavia Natural Sweetener is at $7.25. Quote “gavia20happy” to enjoy 20% off from the retail price when order via Gavia online store.




Gavia Natural Sweetener







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