Putien Yellow Croakers In Five Different Dishes – Farrer Park, Singapore (Ended)

Putien has a culture of introducing seasonal ingredients to diners throughout the year. Earlier this year, they brought back the Putien Clam Festival. And now, as the Yellow Croakers is at their best, they are whipping Putien Yellow Croakers in Five Different Dishes.


Putien needs little introduction as I am sure by now, most must have known about Putien. Especially, after the Michelin Star Award held in RWS in July 2016. Putien at Kitchener Road bagged an One Michelin Star at the event.



Putien Yellow Croakers In Five Different Dishes


The Yellow Croaker is a fish from Ningde, a seaside city in the coastal province of Fujian, China. PUTIEN only obtains its Yellow Croakers from the breeding grounds of Xiapu. This fish are best during Autumn, from September to November. From harvesting of these Yellow Croakers to the Putien restaurant, it is all within 24 hours time frame. This is to ensure freshness for the diners.


As such, Putien created the Putien Yellow Croakers In Five Different Dishes to allow diners to enjoy the Yellow Croakers in various ways and flavours. Out of the 5, 2 of which are newly created, the  ‘100-second’ Stewed Yellow Croaker 百秒黄花鱼 and Stewed Yellow Croaker Rice 黄花鱼焖饭. Available from now till 30 November 2016.



‘100-Second’ Stewed Yellow Croaker 百秒黄花鱼


First dish in the Putien Yellow Croakers In Five Different Dishes Menu is the ‘100-second’ Stewed Yellow Croaker 百秒黄花鱼 ($12). Serving is good for one.  The fresh Yellow Croaker sliced to separate the flesh apart and yet keeping the shape of the fish intact. As such, bones are still in the fish, therefore eat with care.


Putien Yellow Croakers In Five Different Dishes - '100-Second' Stewed Yellow Croaker ($12)


Putien Yellow Croakers In Five Different Dishes - Closed up of the '100-Second' Stewed Yellow Croaker Meat


Stewed with ginger and spring onions at exactly 100 seconds, nothing less and nothing more, to allow diners to savour the tender flesh and natural sweetness of the fish. This is certainly the best way to taste the Yellow Croaker. This is by far my favourite dish among the 5 dishes tasted.



Stewed Yellow Croaker Rice 


My second favourite is the Stewed Yellow Croaker Rice 黄花鱼焖饭 ($15.80-S / $23.80-M). I dislike rice but the flavours of this stewed rice won me over.


Putien Yellow Croakers In Five Different Dishes - Stewed Yellow Croaker Rice 黄花鱼焖饭 ($15.80-S / $23.80-M)


Cooked in traditional Hakka style to ensure full flavours. First, stir-fried both white rice and glutinous with peanut oil and garlic for the fragrance to be absorbed. Then stewed the fragrantly stir-fried rice in freshly prepared fish broth. From these method, each grain of rice absorbed the essence of the broth and various ingredients. Hence resulting in tasty, flavourful stewed rice. Lastly the dish is topped with carefully pan-fried Yellow Croaker slices.



Pan-Fried Yellow Croakers 软煎黄华鱼


Diners with strong palate would certainly enjoy the Pan-Fried Yellow Croakers 软煎黄华鱼 ($28-S / $42-M). Pan fried the Yellow Croakers to create a crispy exterior and yet retain the soft and natural sweetness within interior. Next cooked the Yellow Croakers in a special savoury sauce to bring the tasting experience to perfection.


Putien Yellow Croakers In Five Different Dishes - Pan-Fried Yellow Croakers 软煎黄华鱼 ($28-S / $42-M)



Deep-Fried Yellow Croaker 咸香黄花鱼


Smell of salted fish filled the air when served but nowhere close to it after savouring the Deep-Fried Yellow Croaker 咸香黄花鱼 ($12).


Putien Yellow Croakers In Five Different Dishes - Deep-Fried Yellow Croaker 咸香黄花鱼 ($12)


Special marinate with premium peppercorn and sea salt on the Yellow Croaker and air-dry to reduce the moisture within the flesh before deep-frying the de-bone Yellow Croaker. Therefore expect lightly exterior crispiness on the strip and tender on the inside. Lastly, you you experience a savoury fragrance of the sea.



Yellow Croaker Soup With Cauliflower 黄花鱼溜


The last dish on the Yellow Croaker Putien Yellow Croakers In Five Different Dishes Menu is the Soup With Cauliflower 黄花鱼溜 ($15.80-S / $23.80-M)


Putien Yellow Croakers In Five Different Dishes - Soup With Cauliflower 黄花鱼溜 ($15.80-S / $23.80-M)


Since I am not a fan of soup, this is an under-appreciate dish for me. In addition, I didn’t enjoy the soup due to the strong tomato flavour in the soup which I thought masked the fish flavour in the soup. Moreover, tomato is another ingredient which I don’t fancy.



NAHMJ Verdict


Using 5 cooking method to present Putien Yellow Croakers In Five Different Dishes is a great way for diners to savour Yellow Croakers. We are sure diners will find their favourite among the 5 dishes presented by Putien.




Putien @ Kitchener Road

127 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208514
Tel: +65 6295 6358



Opening Hours


Daily  1130 to 1500 (Last Order 1430), 1730 to 2230 (Last Order 2200)


Getting There



  • North East line – Farrer Park station


By Bus:

  • At Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple along Serangoon Road   21, 23, 64, 65, 66, 67, 125, 130, 139, 147, 857
  • Before Tai Hoe Hoe Hotel along Kitchener Road   21, 125, 130
  • After Allenby Road along Jalan Besar   23, 64, 65, 66, 67, 130, 139, 147, 857


Rating: 8.5/10