Praoe Seafood Restaurant – Bandung, Indonesia

As we were craving for seafood at Bandung as such I crawled the web to find a seafood restaurant. To my surprise, despite Bandung is not close to the sea, there are quite some seafood restaurants. Praoe Seafood Restaurant is one of the restaurant in Bandung. And it has pretty good reviews. Since it is close to our hotel, we decided to check it out on our way back after some sightseeing.


We arrived at the restaurant after 7pm and we saw that the restaurant was pretty empty. By 8pm, the restaurant was at 80% capacity. By the way, it was a Sunday when we were there. All seats were indoor and it seems they don’t segregate smoking and non-smoking dinning area which is unfortunately.


Praoe Seafood Restaurant At Bandung, Indonesia - Dinning Area


Praoe Seafood offers some decent selection. The varieties of seafood is limited to Squid, Prawns, Mussels, Crab, Scallop and Fish. And the menu is mainly in Bahasa.


Less than 10 minutes after we place our order, pipping hot food were on the table. We were lost for words at the speed.


Praoe Seafood Restaurant At Bandung, Indonesia - Udang Pancet Super (IDR 85k)


A hot favourite at the restaurant was the Udang Pancet Super (IDR 85k). This is a non-spicy item. It is sweet. The service crew said it was honey. Taste was appetising however the prawn was a little too small for my liking. I would advise all to go for the Udang Pancet Jumbo (IDR 105k) instead.


Praoe Seafood Restaurant At Bandung, Indonesia - Kerang Iljo Saos Tiram (IDR 30k)


Kerang Iljo Saos Tiram (IDR 30k) is a simple dish of mussel stir fried with oyster sauce. It was fresh and tasty. The other option is Kerang Iljo Saos Merah (IDR 30k) with tomato sauce. Or Kerang Dara Rebus (IDR 30k) which I have no idea what exactly the cooking method is.


Praoe Seafood Restaurant At Bandung, Indonesia - Gurame Saus Mang (IDR 70k)


Our last seafood dish was the Gurame Saus Mang (IDR 70k). Diced Fish fillet deep-fried to perfection was with a light and crispy batter. We requested for the mango sauce by the side instead of drizzle over the fish. This is to ensure that the fish remains crispy.


Praoe Seafood Restaurant At Bandung, Indonesia - Ca Baby Buncis (IDR 22.5k)


A handful of vegetable selection was available. We ordered the Ca Baby Buncis (IDR 22.5k). Long beans stir-fried with small preserved fish that boosted the flavour of the dish.


Praoe Seafood Restaurant At Bandung, Indonesia - Juice Kalapa Muda (IDR 17.5k) and Es Putih Saju (IDR 22.5k)


Both the Juice Kalapa Muda (IDR 17.5k) and Es Putih Saju (IDR 22.5k) were disappointing due to the colouring added. Juice Kalapa Muda is blended coconut juice on the left in the photo while Es Putih Saju is shaved ice dessert with coconut flesh, jelly and basil seed.



NAHMJ Verdict


In general, food served at Praoe Seafood Restaurant is delish. And the best part, food was served at thunder speed.




Praoe Seafood Restaurant

Jl. Sumatra No. 31, Riau
Tel: +62 (0) 22 4215606


Opening Hours


Daily  1000 to 2200


Getting There


By Car, Taxi or Uber


Rating: 7.5/10