Rice & Fries Cafe at Kembangan, Singapore - Interior

Rice & Fries Cafe – Kembangan, Singapore

Rice & Fries cafe located along Changi Road is at the stretch closer to Frankel Avenue. It is within walking distance from Kembangan MRT station. As such, it is relatively convenient getting to the cafe. In fact, this cafe is so inconspicuous, though I dropped by the area on and off, I failed to notice it till my recent my visit to Pasta Meat Sauce at East Village. I was informed they are sister cafes.


From the name, we were expecting that Rice & Fries serves their Mains with either options but they didn’t extend the theme to the menu. Nevertheless, the menu was attractive. There are numerous dishes that we lured our attention such as Escargots ($12.80 for ½ dozen/$21.80 for a dozen), Foie Gras ($15.80), Lobster Bisque($12.80) and many more dishes at wallet friendly prices.


Rice & Fries Cafe at Kembangan, Singapore - Chef's Salad with Mango Infused Olive Oil ($7.80)


For greens, we turned to Chef’s Salad ($7.80) which comes with 3 choices of salad dressing. We chose Mango Infused Olive Oil. The remaining 2 options are Balsamic Vinaigrette and Ebiko Mayonnaise. We thought our choice dressing was refreshing though I find it a little too sweet for the green. Among all the dishes we order, this is the only dish that is overwhelming in salt level.


Rice & Fries Cafe at Kembangan, Singapore - Black Mussels ($12.80)


Next, was the Black Mussels ($12.80) cooked in white wine berb broth. This dish was flavourful and fresh but far too salty.


Rice & Fries Cafe at Kembangan, Singapore - Rice & Fries Signature Lambshank ($28.80)


Followed on were mains. First we have the Rice & Fries Signature Lambshank ($28.80) slow-cooked lambshank served with fettuccine pasta. Lambshank was soft and has a melt in the mouth texture. Gamey flavour was absent. Overall it was delectable. It would be perfect if salt amount was reduced.


Rice & Fries Cafe at Kembangan, Singapore - Crab & Lobster Risotto ($21.80)


Our last mains was Crab & Lobster Risotto ($21.80). We could savour the rich seafood flavour in the rice and gravy. Like most of their dishes, it was far too briny.


For drinks we got the Longan & Mint Soda ($6.80) and A&W Root Beer Float ($5.80)


Rice & Fries Cafe at Kembangan, Singapore - Longan & Mint Soda ($6.80) and A&W Root Beer Float ($5.80)


As we witnessed a saga at the beginning of our meal at Rice & Fries, regarding salty food feedback from a customer, as such we didn’t dare to return our food. Ended up we have to endure the high salt content and finished the food. Overall, dinning experience isn’t pleasant due to the above 2 factors.



NAHMJ Verdict


A pity, though food are very flavourful at Rice & Fries, they are far too generous with their salt. Hopefully, they could reduce the salt amount and it would be perfect.




Rice & Fries

484 Changi Rd, Singapore 419896
Tel: +65 9738 6648



Opening Hours


Monday, Wednesday – Friday  1200 to 1500, 1700 to 2300; Tuesday  1800 to 2300; Saturday and Sunday  1200 to 2300


Getting There



  • East West line – Kembangan station


By Bus:

  • Before Jamiyah Home along Changi Road   2, 7, 24, 26, 28, 30, 67, 155
  • Kembangan MRT station along Sims Ave East   2, 7, 24, 26, 28, 30, 67, 155
  • Before Frankel Terrace along Frankel Ave   32, 42
  • After Frankel Terrace along Frankel Ave   32


Rating: 6/10