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USANA MySmart Shake, Foodies’ Secret Weapon

Our metropolitan lifestyle and eating habit has somewhat create a chaos in our health. And some of us may be so concern about getting too fat and hence eat less. With such lifestyle, therefore, we are not consuming enough nutrients. As such, USANA saw this nutrition gap, hence has introduced the MySmart Shake which are highly customised to suit our tastebud and lifestyle. Most importantly, it tastes delicious too. So what is USANA MySmart Shake?


We need both macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients. Some may not understand the terms. Macro nutrients are Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats while micro-nutrients are the vitamins and mineral. In this product, the focus is bridging the macro-nutrients gap and at the same time to eat clean.



USANA MySmart Shake


In the USANA MySmart Shake, it consists of all the required macro-nutrients at the amount we required. It is made using only natural sources with no added sugar. In this product, USANA eliminates simple processed sugar, instead it consists of complex Cabohydrate. For the Protiens option, there are Whey and Soy available. Lastly, it uses coconut oil as it is rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides since it is beneficial for sport performance, weight loss and promote a greater sense of satiety. And this product is gluten free.


As the USANA MySmart Shake focus only on the macro-nutrients, you will need to supplement the diet with vegetables and fruits or with some USANA micro-nutrients products.



How to Make An USANA MySmart Shake?


It is extremely easy to consume the USANA MySMart Shake. As all you need to do is to mix all required ingredients and shake it up.


Step 1 – Choose a Proteins Base

The base consists of the bulk of macro-nutrients available as Whey Proteins ($65) or Soy Proteins ($65) in mild vanilla flavours. Depending on your lifestyle, chose accordingly.


USANA MySmart Shake - Step 1 Protien Base with Soy or Whey option


Using the plastic scoop provided, add 1 spoonful to a shaker.


Step 2 – Choose a Flavour Optimiser

There are 4 flavours to choose from for the Flavour Optimiser ($10/7sticks). Flavours available are Banana, Orange, Cappuccino and Chocolate. Likewise, add the entire flavour stick into the shaker.


USANA MySmart Shake - Step 2, Flavours


Alternatively, replace the flavour sticks with fruit juice.


Step 3 – Choose a Booster

Choose either MySmart Fibergy Plus Booster ($46) to introduce more fibre or MySmart Shake Protiens Plus Whey Booster ($35) to build more muscle mass.


USANA My Smart Shake - Step 3, Fibregy or Protein


Another optional choice is add a dose of the USANA Probiotic powder.


USANA My Smart Shake - Probiotics


Step 4 – Shake it up

The last step is to add Soy or Milk or Fruit Juice (if flavours sticks is not added) and shake it up to mix well. Now try to consume.


Alternate Method

Use USANA MySmart Shake to make a Smoothie by blending your favourite fruits and the various ingredients in the USANA MySmart Shake.



1 scoop   Whey Proteins or Soy Proteins
1/2 scoop   MySmart Fibergy Plus Booster
1 stick   USANA Probiotic powder
Favourite fruits cut into small chunk
1 large cup   Soy Milk
1 large cup   Ice

  1. Add all the above ingredients into the blender
  2. Blend all the ingredients (If you find that it is too thick, add more Soy Milk)
  3. Serve in a cup and enjoy


USANA My Smart Shake - Smoothies made using USANA My Smart Shake


The result is a fruity smoothies.



How to Use the USANA MySmart Shake?


Use USANA MySmart Shake as replacement meal for those who are seeking weight lose. One could replace up to 2 meals per day.

To detox, replace all 3 meals with USANA MySmart Shake for a day. Add 2 – 3 teaspoon of Fibergy Plus Booster.

If one is planning to maintain healthy muscle mass, supplement your diet with 2 USANA MySmart Shake per day. Adding 2 teaspoon of Protein Plus Booster is a must.

Lastly, which is the most crucial for most of us is to rebalance our diet. Replace one meal in a day withUSANA MySmart Shake and add 1 tablespoon of both Protein Plus Booster and Fibergy Plus Booster.


For more information on USANA MySmart Shake, visit



Who is USANA?


USANA is a Utah-based company that produces the highest quality nutritional health supplement. Its plants are FDA approved and it is on New York Stock Exchange as USNA. Myron Wrentz who has double PhD in immunology and microbiology founded USANA in 1992. It’s sales channel is through Multi-Level Marketing.


Dr Oz Show featured USANA products and the athletes of Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) uses the nutritional supplement too.



NAHMJ Verdict


We tried the MySmart Shake and could attest its convenience and taste. And with fibregy that is rich in fibre helps in bowel movement too. We know of a successful testimonial who uses the product to achieve weight lost. The lost was visible around the belly and arms too. This was within 2 weeks.


In addition, as USANA products are scientific based proven, NAHMJ is confident in using them.


This product is the turn to for foodies who need to either reduce or maintain weight.





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