Patissez Singapore At Holland Village - Interior, Counter

Patissez Singapore At Holland Avenue – Holland Village, Singapore

Most Singaporeans must have heard of the famous freakshake by Patissez originated from Canberra, Australia. These freakshake attracted cafehoppers in Australia to queue for hours. At times, as long as 4 hours wait. Singapore is in luck to welcome Patissez Singapore. The first cafe is set up in Holland Village.


We have not been to the Patissez at Manuka of Canberra. As such we can’t make any comparison to the ambience and the food. But purely based only on our experience at this very cafe.


Patissez Singapore At Holland Village - Interior, Counter


Patissez Singapore At Holland Village - Interior, Dinning Area


The cafe is kept simple with wooden tables and chairs. Interestingly, Patissez Singapore did not offer any communal tables at this cafe. It has a turquoise colour scheme which cheer-up the ambience.


Since Freakshake ($16) is what they are good at, let’s dive into it at once. At Patissez Singapore, they are offering 4 Freakshake. First the Pretzella, a Nutella shake. I like the combination of nutella with pretzel. This was tried on our first visit, the ice was a little coarse.


Patissez Singapore At Holland Village - Pretzella ($16)


On our subsequent second visit, we tried 2 Freakshake. First was the Muddy Pat, a chocolate shake which tasted like milo. Personally, I felt disappointed as I was expecting chocolate taste and not milo. While the rest find it all right.


Patissez Singapore At Holland Village - Muddy Pat Freakshake ($16)


Followed by the Mint Condition, a Mint chocolate shake. Those who like Mint would like this. I like the drink and the cookies. A pity the green cream that sandwiched between the cookies isn’t mint ice cream. Otherwise it is perfect.


Patissez Singapore At Holland Village - Mint Condition Freakshake ($16)


Lastly, the Sneaky Freak, Peanut butter shake or what they termed as Snickers inspired which we yet to try. Among the 3 we tried, I like the Pretzella best.


Interestingly, they don’t serve the Mango shake in Singapore but was on the menu in Canberra.


Patissez Singapore At Holland Village - Donuts, Raspberry Cheese and Nutella ($3.80 each)


At Patissez Singapore, Donuts ($3.80) with 3 flavours were served; Raspberry Cheese, Nutella and Salted Caramel. We tried only the first 2 which like the freakshake weren’t as sweet as they look. But the filling was too meager. Personally, I find the donut texture a little too rough and dense too.


Patissez Singapore At Holland Village - Cheeky Beef ($22)


Patissez Singapore At Holland Village - Chunky Beef in Cheeky Beef


Food is also offered at Patissez Singapore with All day Brekkie, Burgers and Patissez special. We went for the Cheeky Beef ($22). The dish consist of slow cooked beef with black eyed beans in tomato sauce. And the parmesan does the perfect trick to improve the flavour further. By the side are slices of sour dough with kale pesto and butter. It was yummy.



NAHMJ Verdict


The shake in general is not overly sugary. Should you have low tolerance to sweetness, you will surely find shake sweet. At NAHMJ, we find the sweetness level acceptable and enjoyed them. It seems they have improved the coarseness of the ice since our first visit. We think there are still room to tweak the recipe to suit the local tastebud.


One more good news, Patissez is also in Malaysia!




Patissez Singapore

118 Holland Avenue #01-06, Singapore 278997
Tel: +65 6262 3616



Opening Hours


Monday – Wednesday  1000 to 1800 (kitchen closes at 1600); Thursday – Friday  1000 to 2200 (kitchen closes from 1600 to 1800); Saturday to Sunday  0900 to 2200 (kitchen closes from 1600 to 1800)


Getting There



  • Circle line – Holldand Village


By Bus:

  • alight at Blk 12 or at Holland Village MRT station along Holland Avenue   48, 61, 95, 106, 970
  • alight at or opposite Holland Village along Holland Road   7, 61, 75, 77, 95, 165, 970


Rating: 7.5/10