Lau’s Kopi At South Quarter – Jakarta, Indonesia

I spotted Lau’s Kopi in various location throughout Jakarta. It seems like Lau’s Kopi is an equivalent of the Singapore Kopitiam version. Moreover, on the menu, I spotted Kopi-O and Kopi SuSu, thinking it might be the traditional coffee. And since I was craving for Kopi, good chance to try them out. I was there with a Mainland China colleague.


The interior design is similar to the traditional Kopitiam back in the 80s in Singapore but of course with lots of modern element in it.


Lau's Kopi At South Quarter, Jakarta, Indonesia - Milo (Rp 19,091) and Kopi SuSu (Rp 22,727)


I went ahead to order the Kopi SuSu (Rp 22,727) while my colleague has a cup of Milo (Rp 19,091). Both drinks were too sweet my our preference. And the Kopi SuSu doesn’t taste like the Kopi back home in Singapore. It has a taste profile between the Espresso and the traditional Coffee. I wasn’t used to the taste hence I find it weird.


Lau's Kopi At South Quarter, Jakarta, Indonesia - Seafood Ifu-Mie (Rp 40,000)


Don’t expect the Seafood Ifu-Mie (Rp 40,000) to taste like what we have in Singapore. It is adapted to Indonesia flavour. I don’t mind such improvisation but this plate of Mie was too salty. In addition, we don’t call this crispy noodle as Ifu noodle but San Mie. What I like about this dish is the amount of vegetable on the plate.


Lau's Kopi At South Quarter, Jakarta, Indonesia - Nasi Lemak (Rp 40,000)


We thought pretty well of the Nasi Lemak (Rp 40,000). The rice was lightly coconut flavoured In Singapore, we usually have our Nasi Lemak with a fried item, either chicken or fish. In Jakarta, they have it with curry chicken instead. In fact, I thought it was a wonderful choice. The similarity are the fried peanut, chilli and ikan bilis.


Lau's Kopi At South Quarter, Jakarta, Indonesia - Pisang Goreng (Rp 17,273)


We ended our meal with Pisang Goreng (Rp 17,273). This banana fritter exactly like what we will find in Singapore. Except that the banana was sweeter.



NAHMJ Verdict


Interestingly, both my colleagues from China and myself, we didn’t find the food delish. It was very ordinary. We would certainly avoid meal at Lau’s Kopi.




Lau’s Kopi

South Quarter Buildings Tower B lower ground, Jl. R.A Kartini TB Simatupang Jakarta Selatan



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Getting There


By Taxi


Rating: 5.5/10