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Peppermint Park By Tantric Bar – Neil Road, Outram Park, Singapore

Peppermint Park is by Tantric Bar. It is located side by side at a stretch of the pre-war shophouse along Neil Road. One provide food, the other, a drinking hole, that’s a perfect combination for patrons.


Though Peppermint Park occupies unit 76 but entrance is via Tantric Bar at unit 78 instead. As we proceed into Peppermint Park, I was surprised to see that it was in a coat of green. As I entered the indoor dinning area, I got a greater surprise. They brought a park indoor. It was such a fitting theme for the name. Indeed, it is Peppermint Park.


Peppermint Park By Tantric Bar - Al Fresco Seating Area


Peppermint Park By Tantric Bar - Interior Dinning Area


Peppermint Park provided several sides. We tried only the Wings Platter ($12). It consists of 3 different types of flavours. First was the crispy drumlets that tasted like MacDonald’s McWings, followed by the Spicy Drumlets that is very similar to the Pizza Hut Sweet and Spicy Wings and lastly the Honey Wings also has a taste profile similar to the Pizza Hut’s Honey Roasted Wings. Not in a bad way, nonetheless.


Other sides include the Baked Cheesy Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, Bangers and Mash and various balls.


Peppermint Park By Tantric Bar - Wings Platter ($12)


When we were served the Fisherman Pie ($14.90), we saw a thick top layer of cheese with seafood pieces hidden just right beneath. We couldn’t anticipate what else was in there. As we dig in, we savoured sambal and mash potato. There was mixed reviews among the 6 diners of the night. I felt though not outstanding but it was considered delish. Others felt weird and some others felt there isn’t a main ingredients to showcase this dish. Perhaps like rojak. So I suppose you got to try out to conclude for yourself.


Peppermint Park By Tantric Bar - Fisherman Pie ($14.90)


At Peppermint Park, there are 11 flavours of pizza to choose from. From the all time favourite flavours such as Hawaiian, Seafood and Pepperoni; something usual, the Margherita ($18.90), Meat Lovers ($22.90), Sicilian Italian ($22.90). Lastly, the special such as Bruschetta ($22.90), Anchovies ($22.90), The Big Breakfast ($22.90) and the Sambal Seafood ($24.90). Finally, the Shrooms ($22.90), which has a twist from the usual Mushroom Pizza that we are familiar with.


Peppermint Park By Tantric Bar - Sambal Seafood Pizza ($24.90)


The Sambal Seafood Pizza is something unique and it was surprisingly good. I never thought that sambal could go so well with pizza. Perhaps it was due to no expectation. The seafood ingredients on the pizza was generous with each bite having some seafood in the mouth, so was the amount of cheese.


Peppermint Park By Tantric Bar - Shrooms Pizza ($22.90)


Shrooms Pizza ($22.90) does not have the usual tomato sauce base. Instead it uses a special homemade sauce. The result of the pizza is like having bread with mushroom soup. One diner commented that the bread was a little soggy perhaps due to the sauce.


Peppermint Park By Tantric Bar - Half & Half, Bruschetta & Big Breakfast ($23.90)


For the indecisive and those who like varieties, you need not be strangled in deciding. You could choose the Half & Half ($23.90) and get the best of both worlds. We got the Bruschetta & Big Breakfast in the Half & Half Pizza.

I didn’t appreciate the Bruschetta as it was a little too sour since the ingredients consist of tomato and balsamic vinegar. This isn’t a vegetarian pizzza; pork sausage and beef pepperoni were added. Big Breakfast with Turkey Bacon, Turkey Ham, except for the egg, was nothing more than the usual pizza we get in other restaurants.

Other diner in the group commented that the pizza crust was not crispy enough while another felt the crust was a little too thick.


Peppermint Park By Tantric Bar - Alcoholic Drinks


With a watering hole next door, how could alcholic drinks be missing from the menu. Peppermint Park serves 8 types of beers, serveral Champagnes, Red & White Wine, 36 kind of Cocktails, Ciders and housepour. The alcoholic drink in the photo above are Archipelago beer ($17), Tantric Trip ($17) and Mudslide ($14).


Peppermint Park By Tantric Bar - Non- Alcoholic Drinks


For non-alcoholic drinkers like myself, there are a few option to choose from too. From soda, mocktails to soft drinks and juice. I had the Fruit Punch, while the other was a Soda that taste strange to me. In short, we didn’t enjoy it.



NAHMJ Verdict


Peppermint Park is very much a night spot great for the night owls to chillax with friends. Serving suitable bar snack and food that goes well with a beer or other alcoholic drinks.




Peppermint Park

76 Neil Road Singapore 088820
Tel: +65 9389 3071

Instagram: @peppermintpark_sg

Opening Hours


Sunday – Friday  0800 to 0300; Saturday  0800 to 0400


Getting There



  • North East and East West line – Outram Park station


By Bus:

  • alight after Kreta Ayer Road along Neil Road   61, 166, 197
  • alight opp Blk 333 along Kreta Ayer Road   80, 145
  • alight opp Pearl’s Centre along New Bridge Road   2, 12, 33, 54, 63, 124, 143, 147, 190, 851, 961, 970
  • alight at Pearl’s Centre along Eu Tong Sen Road   54, 124, 143, 147, 166, 190, 851, 970
  • alight at People’s Park Complex along Eu Tong Sen Road   2, 12, 33, 61, 63, 80, 197, 961


Rating: 7/10