Paradise Dynasty - VivoCity Outlet Facade

Paradise Dynasty – Vivocity, Harbourfront, Singapore

I usually dine at VivoCity outlet of Paradise Dynasty as this is one of my favourite Chinese restaurant. The first Paradise Dynasty that I knew and dine at was when it started out at Ion Orchard. Ever since, I have been returning for more.


Paradise Dynasty is a name I am sure need no introduction, as many must have known about it by now. It is fame for its colourful Xiao Long Bao in various filling. Some may find certain filling exotic when it was first introduced. I did back then.



Dynasty Signature Xiao Long Bao


Based on the name, Dynasty 8 Flavours Xiao Long Bao, one would have known that there are 8 flavours.


Paradise Dynasty - Dynasty 8 Flavours Xiao Long Bao


The original is in the centre. Starting from the Green, clockwise; Ginseng, Foie Gras, Truffle, Cheesy, Garlic and Crab Roe and Szechuan. If diner like any a particular flavour, diner could order just for that flavour in 6s or 10s. Personally, my favourite is still the original.



Shanghai Dim Sum


On Paradise Dynasty Menu, 14 Shanghai Dim Sum are offered. They are mainly the classic Shanghai Dim Sum.


Paradise Dynasty - Pork Dumpling with Hot Chilli Vinaigrette


Pork Dumpling with Hot Chilli Vinaigrette is a dish I seldom order. In fact, I ordered it only once. It is not that I didn’t like it but I don’t usually dine with a huge enough group to allow me to order both the Xiao Long Bao and Pork Dumpling.



La Mian


Paradise Dynasty offers 8 La Mian in Pork Bone Soup selections and 9 other La Mian.


Paradise Dynasty - La Mian in Signature Pork Bone Soup


La Mian in Signature Pork Bone Soup has a dense an rich soup full of pork flavour. And I like the egg with runny yolk that came with the bowl of noodle soup. All the La Mian in this category are similar except for the main topping.


Paradise Dynasty - Pork Dumpling La Mian in Chilli Sauce


Pork Dumpling La Mian in Chilli Sauce and many more are available for selection. Noodles are very much the same. Likewise, it depends on what ingredient does diners prefer to have it with the handmade noodles.





Scrambled Egg White with Fish and Conpoy has mainly egg white topped with only a single yolk on centre. It is not quite my kind of dish as I prefer yolk. But I like this dish.


Paradise Dynasty - Scrambled Egg White with Fish and Conpoy


Diners could opt for the Stir-fried River Shrimp in Spicy Bean and Tomato Sauce too. Though this isn’t quite kind of my dish.


Paradise Dynasty - Stir-fried River Shrimp in Spicy Bean and Tomato Sauce


An healthy option is the Stewed Sliced Fish in Chinese Wine.


Paradise Dynasty - Stewed Sliced Fish in Chinese Wine


For Szechuan Specialty, one could turn to Spicy Szechuan Crispy Chicken. The chicken in this dish was so crispy. I find the spice level acceptable.


Paradise Dynasty - Spicy Szechuan Crispy Chicken


Quite a good selections of greens are also available.


Paradise Dynasty - Stirred Fried Chinese Cabbage


Paradise Dynasty - Choi Xin




Among the few rice option at Paradise Dynasty, I usually turned to Yangzhou Fried Rice but strangely, I couldn’t find a photo of this dish in my archive.


Paradise Dynastry - Shanghai Fried Rice


Shanghai Fried Rice is pretty similar to the Yangzhou Fried Rice except that it is fried with an additional dark sauce. Personally, I still prefer the YangZhou Fried Rice.





The desserts offered at Paradise Dynasty has a mixed of Shanghai dessert and Hong Kong Style dessert.


Paradise Dynasty - Pan Fried Pancake with Red Bean Paste


Paradise Dynasty -


Pan Fried Pancake with Red Bean Paste and the Banana Souffle like Shanghai Dessert are 2 of the available selection.


Paradise Dynasty - Mango Pudding

Paradise Dynasty - Lemongrass Jelly


For the more conventional diner, they could go for the Mango Pudding.



NAHMJ Verdict


Diners are definitely spoiled for choice, as always when diners are at Chinese Restaurant. The must order at Paradise Dynasty is certinaly the Xiao Long Bao.




Paradise Dynasty

1 Harbourfront Walk, #03-08A, VivoCity, Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 6376 8103



Opening Hours


Daily  1000 to 2200


Getting There



  • Circle line & Northeast Line, HarbourFront Station


By Bus:

  • alight at or opposite Vivocity   10, 30, 30e, 57, 61, 65, 80, 97, 97e, 100, 131, 143, 145, 166, 197, 855, RWS8


Rating: 7.5/10