Open Crumb Cafe - Interior

Open Crumb Cafe – Ubi, Eunos, Singapore

Open Crumb Cafe is the first cafe I know of to open within the residential area of Ubi. Though having cafe in the residential isn’t new, having the cafe in this mature estate with mainly industrial surrounding it, I am certainly not sure if it is a good choice. Perhaps, it is great on weekdays where the Office Ladies in the area has an alternative options. It is certainly quiet on my Saturday visit.


As it is within a mature estate, hence the cafe is a contrast to the surrounding business nature.


Open Crumb Cafe - Facade


Open Crumb Cafe - Available Cakes and Pastries


One could easily identified the cafe by its distinct yellow frame than its name Open Crumb Cafe which appears on the glass. With reflection, the name of the cafe is easily missed.


Interior isn’t fanciful but cosy since the furniture are mainly wood. There isn’t much of a theme in the interior design, at least it uses homongenous tables and chairs for unity in presentation of the space. What’s best about the cafe is that it offers free Wifi.


Open Crumb Cafe - Menu


Open Crumb Cafe offers limited food with Toasts, Pasta, Sandwiches, Waffles, Pastries and Tarts. And it offers the Dutch Baby Pancake too. This is the third cafe I know of whipping this item; after D’ Good and Hot Pans.


As I tried the D’ Good version, though yet to try Hot Pans, as such I am keen to try out the version served at Open Crumb Cafe. As such, I ordered the Dutch Baby Pancake served hot with creamy toffee butter ($4.50). Diner could opt for additional toppings at $2 each. At Open Crumb Cafe, the Baby Dutch Pancake is thicker than the D’Good ones. Having the entire Dutch Baby Pancake could be too cloying especially when it is with toffee without any other taste profile to complement or even counter-balance. It is very wise of D’ Good to serve it with lemon and cream cheese.


Open Crumb Cafe - Dutch Baby Pancake served hot with creamy toffee butter ($4.50)


For the benefits of those who didn’t know about it prior the post, Dutch Baby Pancake originated from Germany and was made famous in USA by daughter of Victor Manca. It is said that she couldn’t pronounce Deutsche and instead it was Dutch. That’s how the name came about. The texture of Dutch Baby Pancake is an hybrid of crepe and pancake.


Open Crumb Cafe - Flat White ($4.80)


Looking at the coffee menu, it was a little disappointing, as I couldn’t find my usual drink, the Cappuccino. Either Black; short black ($3.50) or Long Black ($4.50) and for white, only a single option the Flat White ($4.80) which is the closest to my choice cuppa.


The cuppa was low acidity, full body, nutty and a little bitter.



NAHMJ Verdict


With no other cafe in the area, Open Crumb Cafe may prove to be a good choice or rather alternative dinning option. Food option may not be the most attractive but at least there are exciting option on Sandwiches and Dutch Baby Pancake. Service is warm and friendly too.




Open Crumb Cafe

Block 342 Ubi Avenue 1 #01-931, Singapore 400342
Tel: +65 6745 0649




Opening Hours


Monday – Friday  0900 to 2000; Saturday  0900 to 1500; Closed on Sundays


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight at or opp Blk 343 along Ubi Ave 1   63, 63M



  • Circle line – MacPherson station
  • East-West line – Eunos station


Rating: 7/10