Congee Wonderland 知粥嘗樂 - Interior

Congee Wonderland 知粥嘗樂 – Northpoint, Hong Kong

Congee is an usual breakfast in Hong Kong as a result there are lots of shop that sell Congee. And around Fortress Hill in Northpoint, Congee Wonderland 知粥嘗樂 is one busy shop every morning we passed by and so we decided to try it out.


Congee Wonderland 知粥嘗樂 - Set Breakfast Menu in Chinese only


Congee Wonderland 知粥嘗樂 - Ala Carte Menu in English


Like every other Hong Kong styled cafe, Congee Wonderland offered Chinese Menu. At the same time, an English Menu is also found but it is a smaller list than the Chinese one. You may wonder what I mean. Smaller list as some of the items found on the Chinese Menu wasn’t on the English one. I suppose that was attributed to the challenges of translation.



On The Table


Since it is a congee shop, congee is a must. Four diners each order a congee of their choice and none were the same.


Congee Wonderland 知粥嘗樂 - Pork and Century Egg Congee


Congee Wonderland 知粥嘗樂 - Peanut Congee


Congee Wonderland 知粥嘗樂 - Pig Intestine's Congee


Congee Wonderland 知粥嘗樂 - Congee with Fish and Chicken


Pork and Century Egg Congee 皮蛋痩肉粥Peanut Congee 柴鱼花生粥, Pig Intestine’s Congee 粉肠粥 and Congee with Fish and Pork 双拼粥- 鱼片痩肉 were the 4 different orders. We find the Congee smooth though a little watery. 3 out of the 4 thought it was considerably delish. I belong to the positive group.


Congee Wonderland 知粥嘗樂 - Sides, Fried Mee Hoon, Carrot Cake, Plain Rice Roll


As we got Breakfast set, there were some other side orders along with the set. We got Fried Mee Hoon 炒米粉, Steamed Turnip Cake 蒸萝薄糕, Plain Rice Roll 白肠.


Congee Wonderland 知粥嘗樂 - Steamed Rice Roll with Fried Dough


Not forgetting to get the Steamed Rice Roll with Fried Dough 炸两, a classic rice roll in Hong Kong. The typical way of eating this is to drizzle the sesame and red sweet sauce over the roll.


Congee Wonderland 知粥嘗樂 - Coffee


We didn’t order any drink except a coffee which was decent.


The breakfast set is available from 7am to 11.30am.



NAHMJ Verdict


Congee at Congee Wonderland 知粥嘗樂 was more than average though there were also room for improvement. If you find having Congee alone is boring, you could have some side as well. If Congee is not your kind of breakfast, you go order only the sides. Moreover Congee Wonderland serve typical Hong Kong Style Cafe breakfast items such as the instant noode, macaroni soup, mee hoon soup and sandwiches.




Congee Wonderland 知粥嘗樂 

G/F, 175 King’s Road, Fortress Hill, North Point
Tel: +852 2802 6128


Opening Hours


Daily 0630 to 0200


Getting There


By MTR: Fortress Hill Station


Rating: 6.5/10