Milk And Honey Gelato – Bukit Batok HomeTeam NS, Singapore

Do not confused Milk And Honey Gelato with the other Milk And Honey which offers froyo. Milk And Honey Gelato only has 2 outlets; one at Bedok which offers only gelato while the Bukit Batok outlet, on top of gelato, whipped food out of the kitchen there too.


Milk And Honey at Bukit Batok HomeTeam NS is quite out of the way for most, other than those who stayed around the area. I was glad that I was invited by Rachel to the food tasting, otherwise, I wouldn’t have uncovered a hidden gem.


Milk And Honey Gelato - Facade


The cafe was rather homely with the brick-like featured wall and as with most cafe, it has a cemented floor for that cool, hipster look.


Milk And Honey Gelato - Gelato


Milk And Honey Gelato - Cakes And Pastries


Not only does it offers a good range of interesting gelato flavours, but also cakes and pastries. And also Mains and salad. Something unique at Milk & Honey is their Donut Waffle, featuring it in both savoury and sweet. It is a must try.


Milk And Honey Gelato - Menu


We started with the Roasted Roma Tomato Soup ($5.80) served with toasted crouton, basil olive oil and goat cheese. I am not tomato soup person. Strictly speaking, I hate Tomato Soup but somehow, I was attracted to the one prepared by Milk And Honey Gelato. It was lightly flavoured and with the perfect smooth creamy texture. The basil oil enhances the flavour and it is the goat cheese that truly makes the difference.


Milk And Honey Gelato - Roasted Roma Tomato Soup ($5.80)


Moving on to the Main, is the Egg Ben series. When I heard that they will be serving us Egg Ben, I went err… huh … Not another cafe with Egg Ben?! Milk And Honey Gelato has improvised the version. Instead of having it on Toast, Muffin or Brioche; it is with a donut waffle. Yes, you heard it correctly. It has a chewy dense waffle texture while taste is slanted towards Brioche.


Milk And Honey Gelato - Eggs Royale ($13.80)


Milk And Honey Gelato - Milk & Honey Eggs Benedict ($12.80)


There are 3 selections of Egg Ben. First is the Egg Florentie ($11.80), a vegetarian version. Next is the Milk & Honey Eggs Benedict ($12.80) with ham and turkey bacon. Lastly, is the Eggs Royale ($13.80) with smoked salmon. Personal liking is the Eggs Royale, due to the smoked salmon.


Milk And Honey Gelato - Chicken Bechamel Pie ($11.80)


The other highly recommended Mains at the cafe is the Chicken Bechamel Pie ($11.80). A puffy, buttery and yet not too oil pastry was filled with creamy chicken filling with mixed vegetables. I prefer the bechamel sauce a little thicker.


Although by then, with the Mains, I was stuffed. But there is always room for dessert. Lol! Milk and Honey Gelato using the brainchild, donut waffle, has come up with 5 .


Milk And Honey Gelato - Mango Cheese Donut Waffle, Top View ($6.20)


The only fruity version yet with some savoury component is the Mango Cheese Donut Waffle ($6.20). The parmesan cheese is embedded in the Donut Waffle.


Milk And Honey Gelato - Berry Malt Donut Waffle ($5.90)


Berry Malt Donut Waffle ($5.90) is not exactly fruity as the ice cream consist with Salty Malty fused with Balsamic Strawberry Sorbet Gelato and with strawberry horlic thin waffle and strawberry compote. The taste profile though sounds complicated but it does compliment well. This is my favourite sweet donut waffle dish.


Milk And Honey Gelato - Banana Crumble Donut Waffle ($5.90)


Banana Crumble Donut Waffle ($5.90) yet another savoury dessert. The donut waffle is sat on caramelized banana with salted egg yolk and crumble with a smoked sea salt caramel gelato. This was the fave of one of the foodie in the group.


Milk And Honey Gelato - PBJ (Peanut Butter Jelly) Donut Waffle ($6.20)


Peanut butter fan, you would love this. The peanut butter punch stood out the moment the gelato landed on the tongue. PBJ (Peanut Butter Jelly) Donut Waffle ($6.20). The suprise is in the donut waffle as the morello cherry jelly was concealed in the donut waffle, sourish taste countering the sweet peanut butter.


Milk And Honey Gelato - Mud Ball Pie ($5.90)


Mud Ball Pie ($5.90) has to be the strongest flavour among the 5 and chocolate lover would echo their love like one of the foodie who is one. Oreo cookie crumbs encrusted the cookie monster gelato and pour over with a hot chocolate sauce just before digging in.


Milk And Honey Gelato - Foamier, Cappuccino ($4.50)


Foamier, Cappuccino ($4.50) using Dutch Colony coffee blend. It was just the way I like it; low acidity, full body and nutty.



NAHMJ Verdict


The entire ambience, together with the service at Milk And Honey Gelato was homely. This comment was echoed throughout the tasters.


Milk And Honey Gelato - By a wall


The cafe is certainly a great place to enjoy simple brunch and followed by the fabulous gelato. And never miss the sweet donut waffle. Try all 5 to find out which is your favourite.




Milk And Honey Gelato

2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7, #01-01/02/03, Bukit Batok Hometeam NS Clubhouse, Singapore 659003
Tel: +65 9786 9754



Opening Hours


Sunday – Thursday  1200 to 0000; Friday – Saturday  1200 to 0100

Getting There



  • North-South line – Bukit Gombak


By Bus:

  • alight at or opp HomeTeamNS along Bukit Batok West Ave 7   187, 188, 188E, 945, 985


Rating: 7.5/10