D’ Good Cafe 2016 CNY Special And Revamped Menu – Holland Village

I have previously been to D’ Good Cafe and done a post on the cafe. While this round, I was invited to the food tasting for its up and coming 2016 CNY Special. If you are planning to hop over on CNY, check out the opening hours here.


The ambience of D’ Good Cafe, to me, is playful. I like the idea of assembling various theme together at various corners in a rather coordinate manner. D’ Good Cafe has pieced it together very well and it doesn’t come across messy which is usually the risk.



D’ Good Cafe 2016 CNY Special


CNY Deutsch Skillet Pancake ($13.80). This creation was conceived based on Chew Chor Meng idea. The Deutsch Skillet Pancake beside thin, fluff and dense as well, it has a chewy component in it too. It is topped with abundance pork floss, diced BBQ pork (bak kwa), Asian pear, wolfberries, mandarin orange, greens and drizzled with sour plum sauce; ensuring at each mouth, diner gets to relish all the ingredients.

As I start digging in, I was in the CNY mood. Totally immersed in the flavour and of course the mood too. Which other food could represent CNY better than the Bak Kwa (BBQ Pork) and Pork Floss? Do expect some waiting time when ordering this dish as it is freshly bake upon order.


D' Good Cafe 2016 CNY Special - CNY Deutsch Skillet Pancake ($13.80)


With food and no drink, somehow a part of an important element is kind of missing. Hence Grapefruit Green Tea ($7.00) is the second D’ Good Cafe 2016 CNY specially crafted to pair with the CNY Deutsch Skillet Pancake. In it is a concoction of pink grapefruit and lime, refreshing and best to combat the sweltering weather.


D' Good Cafe 2016 CNY Special - Grapefruit Green Tea ($7.00)



More On The Menu 


Besides the CNY Special Deutsch Skillet Pancake, there are 5 other flavours; Classic ($8), Apple Crumble ($12), Grand Marnier Sweet Potato ($12), Fruit Deluxe ($12) and Banana Rum & Raisin ($12).


D' Good Cafe 2016 CNY Special - Classic Deutsch Skillet Pancake ($8)


The Classic Deutsch Skillet Pancake may not be instagrammable and certainly a humble looking dish. Accompanied with unassuming ingredients; cream cheese, maple syrup and a wedge of fresh lemon.

I requested for an add-on of a single scoop of vanilla ice cream as I initially thought I would love the pancake with the ice cream. I was surprised to find that I enjoyed more without it. It was simply at its best when eaten with the cream cheese, maple syrup and a drizzle of lemon. The Classic Deutsch Skillet Pancake is displaying simplicity at its best.


D' Good Cafe 2016 CNY Special - Fresh Prawn Aglio Olio


Pasta is also on the deck for selection; mainly tomato based or creamy sauce. An Aglio Olio option is available too which I opted. I am so glad to know that there are 5 types of pasta choices with selection of Linguine, Penne, Macaroni, Fettuccine and Whole Grain Spaghetti and 16 choice ingredients for add on.

Since I am not a tomato based person, I avoided it and went for the Fresh Prawn Aglio Olio ($16) on Linguine and Squid Ring 4pcs ($3.50) and Portobello Mushroom 60g ($3) as adds on.


D' Good Cafe 2016 CNY Special - Baked Lemongrass Chicken ($18)


Two other highly recommended Mains, the Chef Alonzo Fried Rice ($13) and Baked Lemongrass Chicken ($18). I chose the latter. The chicken has a strong soy sauce flavour with a scent of lemongrass. By it side were a creamy and smooth homemade mash potato with crunchy potato bits added into the mash for some crunch plus the sauteed zucchini and mushrooms salad.


Other selections include 8 choices of All-Day Breakfast, Salad, Pizza (8″), Sandwiches and Soup.


D' Good Cafe 2016 CNY Special - D'Good Maple Sea Salt Cheesecake ($9)


Calling out all dessert lovers, especially if you are a Cheesecake lover, the D’ Good Maple Sea Salt Cheesecake ($9) is the ultimate must have at the cafe. Even if you were stuffed with all the good food earlier, don’t ever missed out on this highly raved about cheesecake at D’ Good Cafe. The maple sweetness was well balanced with the cheese while the sea salt provided the savoury flavour. And a critical element was the unique smokey hint that differentiated it from the rest.


D' Good Cafe 2016 CNY Special - Unknown Cold Brew ($7.50)


D’ Good Cafe is well known for serving good coffee. You will find the highly popular cold brew; Black ($7), White ($7.50) and an Unknown ($7.50). The unknown is a mysterious and seasonal flavour. The Unknown I have was a Mocha like drink that was smooth and with a fruity undertone and round finishes.


D' Good Cafe 2016 CNY Special - Cappuccino ($5.80)


The espresso based coffee is also on the menu. I had a Cappuccino ($5.50), an easy guess for readers who read my blog regularly. It was a cuppa of low acidity, full body, nutty and caramel flavour. Exactly the way I enjoyed my coffee.


Other coffee based drinks include the Frappe (non-coffee drink available as well), Single Origin and Dutch Iced Drip. For non-coffee drink, Tea, Smoothie, Fresh Juices and Signature Chocolate are the available choices.



NAHMJ Verdict


This is not NAHMJ first visit to D’ Good Cafe. Neither will it be the last. With such great Deutsch Skillet Pancake, Cheesecake and coffee; these definitely are the pull factors that keep my re-visiting going.


In addition, you will surely find your favourite corner at D’ Good Cafe. One more bonus, they provide free Wifi.




D’ Good Cafe

273 Holland Avenue #02-01/02 Singapore 278992
Tel: +65 6219 9807



Opening Hours


Sunday – Thursday  1000 to 2200; Friday – Saturday  1000 to 2300


Getting There



  • Circle line – Holldand Village (Exit B)


By Bus:

  • alight at Blk 12 or at Holland Village MRT station along Holland Avenue   48, 61, 95, 106, 970
  • alight at or opposite Holland Village along Holland Road   7, 61, 75, 77, 95, 165, 970


Rating: 8/10



Disclaimer: This is a media invite.