Atlas Coffeehouse - My Main and cuppa order

Atlas Coffeehouse By The Assembly Coffee Folks – Bukit Timah, Singapore

Atlas Coffeehouse is another cafe, like The Populus Coffee & Food Co. (click here to read more on Populus), that generated lots of interest from especially food bloggers. Within the first few days of its opening, it attracted numerous number of blog posts. And I am contributing to the numbers too.


I am equally interested in Atlas Coffeehouse too as I am eager to find out for myself on whether will the cafe be serving different food. By now, most cafe hoppers are sick and tire of the stereotype cafe food.


Atlas Coffeehouse - Overview of Cafe


Atlas Coffeehouse - Cakes and Pastries Counter


As the cafe was surrounded by glass panel, from a distance, I could gauge the situation in the cafe. OMG, it was so crowded. At the very least, I could grab a seat.


Space was dressed with mainly cemented wall and floor. A blue wall with marble looking tiles was the contrast to the look. Somehow, cemented wall or floor will make it to the cool and hipster feel.


Atlas Coffeehouse - Menu


Upon handed over the menu, instantly, I scrutinized the menu. No Egg Ben was the conclusion. But you still get some sort of egg, French Toast, Pancake and Waffle. To eliminate these totally, I wonder if it is possible. But nevertheless, I won’t complain about these, especially egg, as I love my egg.


One common observation is the up and coming grain bowl.  I see it in at Populus cafe as well. Would this be in the 2016 cafe trend?


Atlas Coffeehouse - The ATLAS Superbowl


Atlas Coffeehouse - Quinoa


I tried The ATLAS Super-bowl ($17) to find out how it fare comparing to The Populus ones. I thought it was equally delish (in fact better) and colourful too. At Atlas Coffeehouse, the chicken was with a sesame flavour and that was a hit with me. The quinoa was flavourful too.


Atlas Coffeehouse - Lemon Meringue Tart


Sweet Treat are never to be missed. I ordered my favourite, Lemon Meringe Tart ($7.50). The zing of lemon curd sat on a buttery pastry tart, topped with a contrast of sweet meringue layer.


Atlas Coffeehouse - Cappuccino


Coincidentally or whatever it maybe, both Populus and Atlas Coffeehouse are using 2 Degree North Coffee. Some how my Cappuccino ($4.50) was low acidity, full body, nutty with a caramel undertone.



NAHMJ Verdict


For a start, with only Populus cafe, the other cafe having similar offering, it is certainly still fresh to cafe-hoppers. Little doubt why the reviews I read so far were positive. I suppose till then, when it become repetitive.




Atlas Coffeehouse

6 Duke’s Road, Singapore 268886
Tel: +65 9873 8228



Opening Hours


Tuesday – Sunday  0800 to 1700; Close on Mondays


Getting There



  • Circle or Downtown line – Botanical Gardens


By Bus:

  • alight bef Crown Centre or opp Coronation Plaza along Bukit Timah Road   66, 67, 74, 151, 154, 156, 157, 170, 171, 174, 852, 961


Rating: 7.5/10