Montana Singapore - View of cafe from the side

Montana Singapore Cafe – Bigger, Better At Level 2 – Dhoby Ghaut

Montana Singapore was previously known as Montana Brew Bar located at level 1 of POMO. It has now shifted to a bigger premises at level 2 and has re-branded to be known as Montana Singapore.


For those who have already know and have ever eaten at Montana, would have known that the waffle was absolutely a top choice. It is considered by many cafe hoppers to be one of the best in Singapore. My first visit to Montanan was when they were a few days old at level one of POMO. After almost a year, Montana Singapore has matured, understood local preferences and providing food that suits the local palette after lots of feedback gathered.


Montana Singapore - Interior Overview


Montana Singapore - A cosy corner with a communal table


The interior design of the new Montana Singapore cafe was an impressive one. One which is very different from their first. This one is filled with lots of cool and hipster factor that attracts.


After the revamped, Montana Singapore focused on Waffle (both savoury cum sweet with option of either fluffy or crispy dough) and the Coconut Cold Brew. The Coconut Cold Brew is a first in Singapore.


Montana Singapore - Menu


If you prefer some pasta, there are 5 selections too.


Since Waffle is the must have at Montana Singapore, we tried a good number of both savoury and sweet ones. The first was the signature Mac & Cheese Waffle, existed as Truffle when they first opened. Now it is an improved version known as the Jalapeno Mac & Cheese Waffle with tomato relish by the side ($12.50).


Montana Singapore - Jalapeno Mac & Cheese Waffle ($12.50)


Southern Fried Chicken Waffle ($14) is the second waffle dish existed from their start. Still as good as before.


Montana Singapore - Southern Fried Chicken Waffle ($14)


Bulgogi Beef Waffle ($16) was with an improved recipe after it was introduced in December 2015. The improved waffle recipe allowed it to withstand the sauce from the coleslaw. It was the top favourite for 50% of us. I rated this as my fave for the savoury waffle. As it has a creamy sauce that enhances the combination. Personally, I prefer strong and rich tasting food.


Montana Singapore - Bulgogi Beef Waffle ($16)


The remainder 50% chose the last (but not least) Assam Crab Waffle ($18) to be their favourite. So you see, it was a tie.

The Assam Crab Waffle was inspired by the Kedah Laksa and was filled with real crab meat (not crab stick). This dish was accompanied with a light and creamy Assam Gula Melaka Mayo. Those who prefer lightly or even natural tasting food would enjoy this.


Montana Singapore - Assam Crab Waffle ($18)


The only savoury waffle that we did not try was the Seafood Paella Waffle ($18). It sounded as interesting as the rest we tried.


Before moving on to the Sweet Waffle, we tried one of the 5 pasta, Spicy Bacon Pasta ($14). The level of spice was considered spicy for most. Nevertheless was a tolerable one. So it was shiok.


Montana Singapore - Spicy Bacon Pasta ($14)


Now, here comes the sweet waffle, the Red Velvet Waffle ($14.50) was my favourite sweet waffle among the 2 flavours we tried. The Red Velvet Waffle stack is now sandwiched with Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream, instead of vanilla ice cream when it was first introduced. And the waffle was drizzled with White Chocolate Rose Syrup to add to the oomph. The rose flavour was the surprise and highlight for this waffle dish. And the sweetness level was tailored to suit my palette too. If you have a sweet tooth like me and love the rose flavour, you would enjoy this sweet waffle dish. It captured the heart of the ladies at the table of that night.


Montana Singapore - Red Velvet Waffle ($14.50)


The Black Velvet Waffle ($14) was with a Black sesame waffle when it got first introduced was served with a chocolate coated vanilla ice cream and black miso caramel. As the chocolate overwhelmed and masked the sesame fragrance, it is now served with a green tea ice cream and it complemented the black sesame better.

A more subtle waffle as compared to the Red Velvet. As this comprises of sweet and savoury flavour, well suited for those who enjoyed food like the salted caramel. Personally, I felt further improvement to find the balance of green tea and black sesame flavour could be undertaken.


Montana Singapore - Black Velvet Waffle ($14)


Coming to the Coconut Cold Brew, a first in Singapore. Instead of brewing the coffee in room or cold plain water, coconut water was used instead. Montana Singapore offered 5 variations. The first being Regular ($6.50) served in the conical flask, Nitro ($7), Gula Melaka ($6.80), Yuzu ($7.80) and Kahlua ($12).


Montana Singapore - Coconut Cold Brew (Yuzu, Gula Melaka and Regular)


Montana Singapore - Regular Coconut Cold Brew ($6.50)


Almost all of us prefer the Regular Coconut Cold Brew which has a nice sweet and smooth texture of coffee, medium to low acidity level. Our least preferred is the Gula Melaka as we felt it was a little too acidic in taste. Yuzu was in between the 2. It has a good balance of sweetness and fruitiness with a nice Yuzu scent.


Montana Singapore introduces an interesting concept of finding diners with the Coconut Cold Brew and or other coffee and wine by asking customer their food preferences. If you are at a lost, overwhelmed by the many choices, Montana could help you decide better.


Montana Singapore - Affogato ($6.80)


Beside the Coconut Cold Brew, you will find the Espresso based and filter coffee too. And Barista’s Choic of Affogato ($6.80) and Barista Starter ($7)


Montana Singapore - Alben's Apple & Strawberry Cider ($9.90)


For non-coffee selection, there are tea, Ciders, Fruit Juice, Soda or even Beer.



NAHMJ Verdict


Montana Singapore serves food and coffee with a passion and with no frills. They seek to improve through customer feedback. Their secret to success is that they listen and find ways to do better.


NAHMJ like the new Montana better with a better focus and they serve different flavour and texture to serve the different palettes of diners. Everyone will surely find their favourite at Montana Singapore.





Montana Singapore

1 Selegie Road #02-25 PoMo, Singapore 188306
Tel: +65 9833 1790




Opening Hours


Daily  0800 to 2200


Getting There



  • North-South & North-East line – Dhoby Ghaut station
  • Downtown line – Bencoolen station
  • Circle line – Dhoby Ghaut or Bras Basah station


By Bus:

  • NTUC Income Prinsep House along Selegie Road   64, 65, 131, 139, 147, 166, 857
  • Opp Prime Centre along Middle Road   56, 64, 65, 131, 139, 147, 166, 857
  • Rendezvous Hotel ong Bras Basah Road   7, 14, 14e, 16, 36, 77, 106, 111, 124, 162, 162M, 167, 171, 174e, 175, 190, 502, 502A, 518, 518A
  • Manualife Centre along Bras Basah Road   131, 147, 166, 857


Rating: 8/10



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