Teakha - Outside Seats

Teakha Cafe – Tai Ping Shan, Hong Kong

Around Tai Ping Shan, there are a number of cool hipster cafe. One of my all time favourite is Teakha Cafe 茶。家. It was a recipent of “OpenRice (Hong Kong) Best Restaurant Awards 2015”.


Teakha - Interior


Teakha has 2 seatings area, the main seating area is where the counter and the kitchen are. The side seating area is at the next unit, adjacent to the main seating area. For others who prefer alfresco dining, there is a bench by the window bay, outside the main unit.


Teakha - Another Interior View


The cafe is painted turquoise a close colour to green which I thought it was apt for a tea cafe. I like the cool colour since it is pleasing to my eyes too.


At Teakha, they over a pretty good variety of cakes and a small number of pastries. If you need something a little heavier, go for the sandwiches.


Teakha - Banana Caramel Cream Cheese Loaf


One of the highly favoured cake by many was the Green Tea Cheesecake.


Teakha - Tea


Over at Teakha Cafe, only tea were served. Coffee drinkers, you may have to learn to appreciate tea. They serve some of the very interesting tea such as Masala Chai, Keemnu Milk Tea and O-buku-cha.



NAHMJ Verdict


It is the ambience and decor, and cakes option that I like about Teakha. It is a nice cosy cafe, of course when it wasn’t packed to the rim. True at all cafe. The best time to visit is weekdays.




Teakha Cafe 茶。家

ShopB, 18 Tai Ping Shan Street, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2858 9185



Opening Hours


Monday – Friday  1000 to 1900; Saturday – Sunday  0900 to 2000


Getting There


By MTR: Sheung Wan station


Rating: 8/10