Dessert And Toast Cafe - My Dine-In Order

Dessert And Toast Cafe – Syed Alwi Road, Jalan Besar, Singapore (Closed)

Dessert And Toast is located at the corner of the shophouse along Syed Alwi Road, perpendicular to Jalan Besar Road. It has taken over the space formerly belonging to some F&B establishment.


The space dressed in mainly monochrome is with some random pictures and accessories. Everything that put together isn’t quite coordinated. But somehow made do. That’s how I thought.


Dessert and Toast - Overview of Dessert and Toast Facade


Dessert and Toast - Dessert and Toast Interior


As the name of the cafe strongly summon desserts and toast. Yes, it indeed offers only these. The desserts were mainly the Hong Kong styled desserts. Almost everything on its menu echo my liking.


Dessert and Toast - Dessert and Toast Menu


Dessert and Toast offer a good number of Toast. I tried the Kaya Toast ($2.80). Other flavours include Otah, Peanut Butter, Honey, Milo Condensed Milk.


Dessert And Toast Cafe - Kaya Toast ($2.80)


Dessert And Toast Cafe - Toast with Kaya Dip


Dessert And Toast Cafe - Inside of Toast


The toast was crispy right till the inside of the cube. The reason was butter sip into the inside and under heat it resulted the ultra crispy texture.


Dessert And Toast Cafe - Red Dates And Fungus, Hot ($2.80)


Some traditional dessert such as the Red Dates and Fungus ($2.80) was found on the menu.


For takeway, I almost wanted to order the entire menu. I refrained. Otherwise, my mom will be shocked. But first of all, it might be too heavy for me to bring them all home. Lol.


Dessert and Toast - Mango Pomelo, Cold ($3.80)


I went for the evergreen dessert, my all time favourite, the Mango Pomelo, Cold ($3.80). There were quite a few cubes of mango, generous amount of sago and pomelo but the ‘soup’ itself was not filled with enough mango flavour.


Dessert and Toast - Winter Melon Grass Jelly, Cold ($3.80)


As I was craving for the Taiwan like dessert, especially the Taro balls, the second dessert ordered was Winter Melon Grass Jelly, Cold ($3.80). In my opinion, this was more superior than my first choice. It wasn’t without flaw though. The Taro ball texture was a little coarse and the pearl seems a little under cooked.


Dessert And Toast Cafe - Peanut Paste


We tried both the Peanut Paste and Sesame Paste (forgotten to get a photo of it). Our conclusion was it has good flavour but lacking of viscosity.



NAHMJ Verdict


NAHMJ like the selection of dessert provided by Dessert and Toast, since all the desserts on its menu were NAHMJ fave. Improvement could be made and it would certainly be an awesome dessert cafe for the area since it opened till the wee hours. A great supper choice.




Dessert And Toast

200-1 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207733
Tel: +65 91791110



Opening Hours


Wednesday – Monday  1200 to 0200


Getting There



  • North-East line – Farrer Park station


By Bus:

  • alight before Tai Hoe Hotel along Kitchener Road   21, 125, 130
  • alight opp Veerasamy Road along Jalan Besar   23, 64, 65, 66, 67, 130, 139, 147, 857
  • alight Broadway Hotel along Serangoon Road   23, 64, 65, 66, 67, 131, 139, 147, 857


Rating: 7/10