Wanna Cuppa Cafe Singapore - Interior, Dinning Area

Wanna Cuppa Cafe – Clarke Quay, Singapore

Wanna Cuppa Cafe is a 1920s Gatsby glamour inspired cafe located along New Bridge Road. It is sandwiched between the fame Bak Kut Teh outlet, Song Fa. It will be easily spotted by most. With a bus stop directly in front of the cafe and a few other in the surrounding, plus a North East line MRT station right across the road; all these factors contributed to a strategic and convenient location.


The best part of the cafe is the friendly operating time, at least for now. It open early in the morning till late. I also lament about finding a cafe, other than Starbucks, around the area after 7pm in the night. Finally, my wish was heard and granted.


Wanna Cuppa Cafe Singapore - Interior, A view


Wanna Cuppa Cafe Singapore - Interior, Counter


When I stepped into the cafe, I was impressed with the interior design and decoration. It was cosy and warm.

As I walked a little further, I spotted a number of ‘trees’. It reminded me of Bibing Korean Dessert Cafe at Chinatown, Smith Street.


Wanna Cuppa Cafe Singapore - Cakes and Pastries Over at the Display


The menu is simple and it isn’t that attractive. On it are a few sandwiches, pasta, nibbles and salad. For drinks, usual cuppa and tea in either hot of iced. Others include Chocolate and Alcoholic beverages.


Wanna Cuppa Cafe Singapore - Mushroom Cream Pasta


After some contemplation, I have the Mushroom Cream Pasta for lunch. It was a simple pasta with a simple rich cream sauce. I tasted hardly any salt, neither any other flavour.


Wanna Cuppa Cafe Singapore - Macaron & Eclair


As my dessert addiction is flaring up, I opted for a Pistachio Macaron and a Speculous & Caramel Eclairs. There were about 20 odd flavours for macaron and 10 over flavours for eclairs.

Don’t think of the Eclairs as the conventional one. This one tasted similar to macaron except it was lacking of the chewy texture. Overall, I find it a little too sweet.


Wanna Cuppa - Mango Mousse


We tried the Mango Mousse too and we like it.



Wanna Cuppa - Latte and Cappuccino


Cuppa at Wanna Cuppa was decent. A low acidity, full body, nutty hint coffee fitted the bill. Interestingly, Wanna Cuppa doesn’t offer Flat White.


Wanna Cuppa - Matcha


If coffee isn’t your choice, Matcha in either hot or iced are available as well.



NAHMJ Verdict


I suppose Wanna Cuppa is still tuning to a operating rhythm and seeking feedback from customer to improve. For a start, though food wasn’t up to my expectation, at least the boss, I would like to think she is, was seeking feedback for improvement.


Wanna Cuppa Cafe Singapore - Interior, At a corner with bar seats


Will I go back again? Yes, I will. I am keen to find out if improvement were made eventually.




Wanna Cuppa Cafe

15 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059385
Tel: +65 6816 2492

Website: http://wannacuppa.com.sg/


Opening Hours


Monday – Thursday  0830 to 2200; Friday  0830 to 0000; Saturday  1000 to 0000; Sunday  1000 to 1800


Getting There



  • North East line – Clarke Quay


By Bus:

  • alight at Clarke Quay Station along Eu Tong Sen Street   2, 12, 33, 51, 54, 61, 63, 80, 124, 145, 147, 166, 174, 190, 197, 851, 961
  • alight opposite Clarke Quay Station along New Bridge Road   2, 12, 33, 54, 147, 190
  • alight at Boat Quay along South Bridge Road   51, 61, 63, 80, 124, 145, 166, 174, 197, 851, 961


Rating: 7/10