Attap House Restaurant - Facade, Overview of Restaurant

Attap House Restaurant @ Fusionopolis – One North, Singapore

Attap House Restaurant is one of the many F&B outlets in Fusionpolis 1. The outlet is conveniently located above One North with Exit D leading directly to Galaxis building. No matter rain or shine, getting to Attap House is always in the shade.


With such tough competition, Attap House Restaurant differentiation is good nostaglgia food using traditional recipe with prices that are wallet friendly.


Attap House Restaurant - Interior of Restaurant, Dinning Area


The traditional theme is extended to the ambience with design components reminiscence of the 70s and 80s. As such lots of rattan material and in brown colour tones, warm coloured light were thrown in to make the restaurant feel like home.



What’s Up At Attap House Restaurant?


Attap House Restaurant is helmed by Executive Chef Mr Marco Ong who has 16 years of international experience. The specialties at Attap House are local and nonya delights using traditional recipes.

At the restaurant, a large variety of mouth-watering signatures dishes are served from breakfast to lunch to dinner.



All Day Breakfast

The Otah Bun ($2.50) was highly recommended for breakfast. Good spice marinate was in the Otah when sandwiched in a yellow fluffy bun helps kick-start the great day. As for the spice level, most didn not it a challenge at all. Only 2 diners at the same table felt it was a little too spicy for them.


Attap House Restaurant - Otah Bun ($2.50)



For Lunch and Dinner

The Braised Hokkien Mee ($5.90) is the highlight at Attap House Restaurant. It uses a hand-down traditional recipe. This dish is the pride of the restaurant.


Attap House Restaurant - Braised Hokkien Mee ($5.90)


Another highly raved dish at Attap House is the Pork Chop Sambal Fried Rice ($6.50). The Pork Chop was sweetish with savoury hint, tender and with a good amount of fat. I enjoyed the Pork Chop. Yum!


Attap House Restaurant - Pork Chop Sambal Fried Rice ($6.50)


Assam Fish with White Rice at $5.00 is amazingly affordable. Fish was tender, yet not over cooked. Simply a comfort food.


Attap House Restaurant - Assam Fish with White Rice ($5.00)


Cashew Nut Fried Rice ($6.50) with slight sweetish hint and black pepper oomph.


Attap House Restaurant - Cashew Nut Fried Rice ($6.50)


Finally to my favourite dish, the Satay Mee Hoon ($6.80). Instead of using peanut, the restaurant chose to use cashew nut. A great way for diners who are allergy to peanut to try the dish. Hooray!


Attap House Restaurant - Satay Mee Hoon ($6.80)


Beside these mains, there are many more and sides which include Sambal Kang Kong ($4.00) and Tahu Goreng ($5.50)


Dessert and Drinks

At any restaurant, how could we miss out on desserts!! No way!


Attap House Restaurant - Bobo Chacha ($3.00)


Bobo Chacha ($3.00) with lots of fresh ingredients, yam and sweet potato in rich and creamy sweetened coconut milk and added sago to give a chewy texture.


Attap House Restaurant - Waffle with Nonya Kaya / Peanut Butter ($3.00)


If the traditional dessert isn’t your cup of tea, what about having some waffle with traditional taste, Waffle with Nonya Kaya / Peanut Butter ($3.00). The nonya kaya tasted unique as it has a stronger caramelize sugar flavour while its peanut butter has an added cashew nut sweetness in it making both the jam different from what you will usually be getting. Personally, I thought highly of the jam.


Attap House Restaurant - Waffle with Ice Cream ($4.80)


If you still prefer having Waffle with Ice Cream ($4.80), fret not. It is also being offered.



NAHMJ Verdict


Finally, what does NAHMJ have to say? Good food that are nostalgia with traditional flavour at a highly affordable price.

NAHMJ will go for its Otah Bun for breakfast, Satay Mee Hoon for lunch and Pork Chop Sambal Fried Rice for dinner and ending my meal with Bobo Chacha always.




Attap House Restaurant

1 Fusionopolis Pl, #01-04 Fusionopolis Galaxis, Singapore 138522
Tel: +65 8590 1482




Opening Hours


Monday – Friday  0730 to 2000


Getting There



  • Circle line – One North station


By Bus:

  • alight at or opp One North along Ayer Rajah Ave   91
  • alight at or opp One North along Portsdown Road   191
  • alight at or opp Fairfield Methodist Primary School   14, 33, 74, 166, 196


Rating: 8/10