The Queen's Cats Cafe - Al Fresco Seats

The Queen’s Cats Cafe – Holland Village, Singapore (Closed)

I walked passed The Queen’s Cats Cafe, while they were still in their first week of soft launch, it was the lovely, sweet white based design of the facade that caught my attention. The 2 chairs and table that were placed on the right reminded me of the cafe in Europe; the directions of the chairs are always street facing. Immediately, I knew I must check it out with mom, I couldn’t resist the charm of cakes and pastries.


An impromptu visit with Mom took place on a Saturday. When we arrived at the cafe, I pushed opened the door, my eyes were turned to the chandelier. At the entrance, was the first section where the counter and 2 tables were place.


The Queen's Cats Cafe - Counter


The Queen's Cats Cafe - Kitchen View


The second section, after another glass door was a spacious dinning area, very much with an English interior design theme. But somehow, I feel that something is lacking in the design. I couldn’t nail the missing element. Anyway …


At The Queen’s Cat Cafe, it has an opened kitchen for diners to admire the action in the kitchen.


The Queen's Cats Cafe - Dinning Area


As mom always prefer tea, we ordered a pot of tea for sharing. We decided to go for the Strawberry Fine Tea. It has a sweet fruity Strawberry fragrance. And surprising, it went pretty well with the cakes and pastries we have.


The Queen's Cats Cafe - Strawberry Fine Tea


On The Queen’s Cats Cafe menu were 2 afternoon tea set and various All Day Brunch, mainly English affairs and Pastries and Cakes. As always, I am greedy. I will order something that will allow me to try as many items as I could. Without doubt, I went for the Royal Afternoon Tea Set as it has more variety than the Classic Afternoon Tea Set.


The Queen's Cats Cafe - Royal Afternoon Tea Set


It was served in 3 tiers. The bottom being the sandwiches, then scones and on top was the pastries and cakes.


The Queen's Cats Cafe - Royal Afternoon Tea Set, Bottom Tier, Assorted Sandwiches


The Queen's Cats Cafe - Sandwiches made fresh


The sandwiches were made fresh. On the plate were 3 types of sandwiches, 2 each. There were tuna, pretty normal; egg mayonaise with cress, reminded me very much of the one we have in London previously and finally the chicken sandwich, too salty. I was disappointed that no smoked salmon sandwich was on the plate.


The Queen's Cats Cafe - Royal Afternoon Tea Set, Middle Tier, Scones and Biscuit


Scone is always my favourite part of the afternoon tea. We were served Sultana and Plain Scones. It was accompanied with only a Fruit Jam. No lemon curd and no clotted cream as per the menu. I was quite disappointed. But as always, I asked for the clotted cream. I didn’t realize lemon curd was stated on the menu till I write the post.


The Queen's Cats Cafe - Royal Afternoon Tea Set, Top Tier, Cakes and Pastries


The last tier consisting of a Victoria Sponge Cake, very crumbly; brownie, chocolaty but too sweet, passionfruit tart, we like this best and 2 macarons, chocolate for mom and ispanhan (I thought it was) for me. We like least the Spong Cake was we don’t really enjoy cakes which such crumbly texture. Our favourite was the Passion Fruit Tart.


The Queen's Cats Cafe - Macaron Textxure


I thought the macaron was pretty outstanding. It has almost all the perfect elements. I like the cream. I could savour the rose, the berry and the lychee too. Except for the sweetness, a little too sweet.



NAHMJ Verdict


The cakes and pastries offered at The Queen’s Cats Cafe were considerably delish. If the sweetness level could be reduced, it would be perfect.


The Queen's Cats Cafe - Facade


For a start, The Queen’s Cats Cafe, in our opinion, was fine.




The Queen’s Cats Cafe

8 Lorong Mambong Singapore 277674
+65 9655 8474




Opening Hours


Daily  1030 to 2300


Getting There



  • Circle line – Holldand Village


By Bus:

  • alight at Blk 12 or at Holland Village MRT station along Holland Avenue   48, 61, 95, 106, 970
  • alight at or opposite Holland Village along Holland Road   7, 61, 75, 77, 95, 165, 970


Rating: /10