Two Tall Trees - At a corner

Two Tall Trees Cafe – Serangoon Gardens, Singapore

Serangoon Gardens is densely populated with famous and popular eateries. Setting up a cafe at this area, competition is certainly tough and keen. And we have Two Tall Trees Cafe suited at the ground floor of one of the shophouses that lined along Kenginston Park Road.


Two Tall Trees - Interior


Interior of Two Tall Trees was minimalist and practically, you sensed monochrome. On both walls, there were blackboard with menu and pictures chalked. And the most coloured of them of was the corner furthest away from the door, a painting of village with green and blues.


Two Tall Trees - Menu


Like most cafe, you get the All-Day Breakfast but you are not getting the Egg Ben here. If you needed eggs, there were Omelette, Scrambled or Sunny Side Up as choices, nonetheless. You find Frittata, rarely on a menu and Artisan Bread Platter too.


Two Tall Trees - More Menu


Others include appetisers such as Calamari, wings, nacho and fries. Some selection of Sandwiches, Pasta, Burgers, Salads and Mains.


Two Tall Trees - Red Velvet with Raisin Ice Cream


Weirdly or interestingly, I was served my desserts before my Mains. Though I don’t mind, I thought it wouldn’t be the usual manner. I ordered a Red Velvet Cake and there was only 1 flavour of ice cream, Raisin. It was pretty interesting to pair the two together. The minimalist theme was also extended to the plating of dishes too.

The cake was as like the usual Red Velvet in the market, dense. Personally, I thought the cream frosting could be improved. I like it with grated coconut dusted on top of the cake.


Two Tall Trees - Pork Chop


There were four choices for Mains, Fish and Fries, Miso Salmon, Pork Chop and Seafood Cioppino. I chose the Pork Chop which was with balsamic reduction accompanied with caramelised apples and grilled vegetables. I prefer the side more than the Pork Chop.


Two Tall Trees - Cappuccino with Batavia Blend


I was glad to find more than a choice of beans at the cafe, one with low acidity, chocolate overtone, Batavia Blend that I chose for my cup of Cappuccino. The other was higher acidity and more citrusy note, the Colombia La Joyeria Single Origin, which I don’t prefer.



NAHMJ Verdict


Though I wasn’t impressed with the Pork Chop, I planned to re-visit for some other choices soon. I am sure, I am going to find something I prefer.





Two Tall Trees

14B Kensington Park Rd, Singapore 557265
Tel: +65 62811286




Opening Hours


Tuesday – Friday  1100 to 2300; Saturday – Sunday  0900 to 2300; Closed on Mondays


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight at Serangoon Garden Circus   73, 136, 315, 317


Rating: 7/10