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Monniker Cafe – Balestier, Singapore

Monniker Cafe is located within the lobby of Aqueen Hotel, facing Balestier Road. In the vicinity, there is already a very hip cafe, The Wheeler’s Yard Cafe and the other that is Fix Cafe. Now we have one more hipster cafe to the area.


Monniker has a unique interior decoration theme, the Victorian Steampunk airship. All its decorations and design revolve around this concept.


Monniker Cafe - Seating Area


Monniker Cafe - Seating Area, another view


Its menu though not the most interesting and you might even comment that those are usual cafe food and yes, very much along the line. So you will find the Eggs Ben, Pasta (Beef Ragout Linguine or Truffle Mushroom Papperdelle), Chicken Waffle Stack, Fish with Chips. Others include All Ribbed Up!, the St Louis spare ribs and Grilled Basil Chicken Sandwich. If you are interested in Salad, 2 choices, Grilled Chicken & Avocado Salad and Watermelon and Feta Salad. Other choices include Breakfast fit for a Captain (basically a big breakfast), Bowl full of Greekness ( Greek Yogurt bowl) and Truffle Fries, Pommes Noisettes (Mash potato)


There are dishes that Monniker does it with a twist. Such as Sweet Madame which is croque madame with cranberry jam and poahced egg and bacaon. The other is the Sweet Potato Fries has a kaffir lime infused sweet chili aioli dip.


Monniker Cafe - Chicken Waffle Stack


We went for its Chicken Waffle Stack, a signature item at Monniker. It was a Chicken Waffle ‘Burger’. The Grilled Chicken was topped with a melting cheese, succulent and tasty. But you must eat it with the skin as the marinate essence are all on it which I missed out as I don’t like chicken skin. The waffle were drizzled with generous amount of maple syrup as a result the dish is both savoury and sweet. Interesting, a side mushroom sauce which I find it unnecessary and seriously overdose was served together. I inquired about the purpose of the sauce and was told it was for the chicken. Side salad was with a vinaigrette dressing.


Monniker Cafe - Truffle Mushroom Papardelle


Truffle Mushroom Papardelle was exceptionally good. Credit was to the rich mushroom sauce and not forgetting the excellent pasta too.


Monniker Cafe - Dark Valrohna Chocolate Cake


I am always reluctant to miss the dessert. I cajoled my mom to have the dessert with me. Since there were only 2 choices, Dark Valrohna Chocolate Cake or White Chocolate Cake, a no brainer for us, we will surely choose the former. Personally, I find the chocolate a little weak though the slice of cake look dark.


Monniker Cafe - Cappuccino & Iced Chocolate


Without failed, I got myself a Cappuccino while my mom got the Iced Chocolate. The cuppa was more than decent; a pretty balanced cup with medium acidity and full body. Some nutty undertone and berries flavour note.



NAHMJ Verdict


Based on the food we tried, we like its mains. For dessert, I seriously thought there are rooms for improvement. Nonetheless, it is certainly a good option to the area.




Monniker Cafe

387 Balestier Road, Singapore 329795
Tel: +65 6250 2433



Opening Hours


Daily  0730 to 1630


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight at before Balestier Plaza or at HMI Balestier Hospital along Balestier Road   21, 130,131, 145, 186



  • North-South line – Toa Payoh or Novena station


Rating: 8/10