Kite Restaurant - Interior, along the bar seats

Kite Restaurant At Craig Road – Tanjong Pagar, Singapore (Closed)

Entering into Craig Road from Tanjong Pagar Road, shortly one will spot a shophouse with its wall painted in brick red on left-hand side. Behind these walls is where Kite Restaurant is located, right at this corner. Alongside with two other awesome cafes are The Plain and Selfish Gene; and also InItaly and Xi Yan. It took over a wine shop.


Per its facebook, Kite is serving modern contemporary food in dim sum style. Do take note of the words “dim sum style”. It described its food as “familiar dishes free from cuisine stereotype, prepared in a progressive kitchen that integrates contemporary techniques with ingredients sourced both locally and internationally.” To me, whatever is the description, most importantly is to check them out and determine the taste.


Kite Restaurant - Facade


I checked them out at lunch. On its lunch menu were three sections; Cold, Hot and Sweets. The cold is not exactly the appertizer, neither is Hot refering to Mains. In fact, each dish was served in small portion, just like the way Dim Sum is served in Chinese Restaurant. At lunch, one have the option of 3 Dishes at $25 or 4 Dishes at $30. It came with either Tea or Coffee.


Kite Restaurant - Interior, another view


Interior is a little industrial with some touches of vintage particularly coming from the floor and the chairs. As it is with a high ceiling, it certainly felt spacious. In addition, natural lighting filtered through the glass windows, brighten the entire space.


Kite Restaurant - Bread with Brown Butter


Right after my order was taken by the amiable crew, a lovely tiny piece of warmed, hand teared freshly baked bread with brown butter and seaweed was served swiftly. It seems like the bread was with some honey-glazed on the crust. Butter was smooth and milky.


Kite Restaurant - Somen


Since I have 3 dishes, I chose 1 from each category. From the Cold section, Somen was my choice. It was with Lap Cheong Oil, Leek Flowers & crunchy prawns and some sprouts scattered on the top. The dish was a mixed of sweetness in the soft noodle and saltiness from the prawns due to generous amount of salt on them.

Other dishes at the Cold section I am interested include Saba Rillette and Golden Snapper Sashimi. If you prefer more vegetables, choices include Tomatoes & Soy, Radish Salad and “Dirty Vegetables”.


Kite Restaurant - Uncle Willaim's Quail


Over at the Hot section, dishes that kindle my interest were Uncle William’s Quail (additional $3), Wagyu Beef Cheek and Black Spanish Pig (both additional $5). I have a hard time deciding. Anyhow, I went for the Uncle William’s Quail.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Quail, the taste is closer to duck. To be more accurate, it tasted between the duck and pigeon. Since it was a small bird, the thigh were small and it is not easy to manage with the knife. Interestingly, they deboned the wing, and I would appreciate if they did the same to the thigh. Quail was well marinated and tender. The mushroom was a great addition to the barley risotto that the Quail was on. It was best eaten with all elements since they complimented each other to the max.


Kite Restaurant - Panna Cotta


Lastly was the Sweets section, with only 3 desserts, Panna Cotta (a savoury dessert), Smores and Sugee Cake. Though I always love to have all on the desserts menu, choosing my choice wasn’t difficult this round as I am neither a marshmallow nor sugee cake fan. I am left with Panna Cotta as my selection.

On the Vanilla Panna Cotta was baked coconut flakes, meringue, coconut ice cream, pink peppercorn and strawberries sauce together with Corriander. It is best eaten everything together to bring out that unique flavour of the corriander mixing with the sweet panna cotta, sourish and slight spicy peppercorn and strawberry sauce and the coconut flavours.


Kite Restaurant - Cappuccino


As always, for coffee it is predictable, Cappuccino was the cuppa. A decent cup with low acidity, medium body which was dominated by nutty flavour note.



NAHMJ Verdict


The portion at Kite Restaurant is considerably small. 3 dishes were sufficient for me (I am considerably a small eater). I managed to eat clean for all dishes so I am sure, it would be better for most to get 4 dishes instead.

Food served at the Kite Restaurant has a twist to the common used to flavour. Either some Asian element added to an European dish or some unique flavours to a common dish. Based on the dishes I tried, it may be more suited to the stronger palate. And I would urge the less adventurous diners to have an open mind while trying out at the Kite Restaurant.




Kite Restaurant

53 Craig Road, Singapore 089691
Tel: +65 9729 7988




Opening Hours


Tuesday – Friday  1200 – 1430, 1800 to 0100; Saturday – Sunday  1800 to 0100; Closed on Mondays


Getting There



  • North East line or East-West line – Outram Park station
  • East-West line – Tanjong Pagar station


By Bus:

  • alight after Craig Road or before Wallich Road along Tanjong Pagar Road   80, 145
  • alight before Pinnacle @ Duxton along Neil Road   61, 166, 197


Rating: 7.5/10