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Icebox Cafe – Farrer Park, Singapore (Closed)

Lots of changes has taken place along Rangoon Road in October 2015. Icebox Cafe has taken over Property Cafe, Non Entree Desserts took over Woodshed and Teng Tea House has took over the space of an Organic Vegetarian Cafe. For this post, we are over to Icebox Cafe, a Muslim-owned cafe. Operated by a brother, his wife and his sister, in short, also a family owned cafe.


Icebox Cafe - Menu


This is a rare non-Korean owned cafe that offers Bingsu. Beside the usual common Bingsu flavours, you get some local twist. There were Durian Eruption, Chendol Melts, Tangy Mango Lassi and Avocado Dates. I have already planned to try their Durian Eruption on my second visit. Icebox Cafe offers small cup for certain flavour. Check with them to find out which were the flavours.


Icebox Cafe - Clad In Black Milkshakes


Tthe 2015 trend food, The (Over The Top) Milkshakes that was offered in Benjamin Brown Bistro or the Cakeshake by Cake Spade, with a similar version “Shakes In Your Face” was offered by Icebox Cafe. Great news for fans of this trend food. There were 5 flavours, Peanut Butter, Oreos, Strawberry, Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate. I tried the Dark Chocolate flavour, Clad In Black.


Icebox Cafe - Turon


Other desserts include the Turon, a Philippines inspired dessert wrapped with cheese and bananas in a spring roll was highly favoured by the family. The recipe was modified to give a more Western styled.


You could find Cheesecakes and Toasts on the menu too. For drinks, mainly coffee and tea.



NAHMJ Verdict


Icebox Cafe entry to Rangoon Road is going to make the area more competitive and providing more variety as well. It might soon turn out to be another popular cafe-hopping spot.




Icebox Cafe

89 Rangoon Road #01-02 Urban Lofts, Singapore 218375
Tel: +65 9155 4720



Opening Hours


Tuesday – Thursday, Sunday  1100 to 2200; Friday – Saturday  1100 to 2300


Getting There



  • North East line – Farrer Park station


By Bus:

  • alight at Kentis Lodge along Rangoon Road – 131


Rating: 7/10

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