Authentic Manchurian Cuisine 满族全羊铺 - Signage

Restaurant Manchurian 满族全羊铺, Authentic Manchurian Cuisine On StarTaster – Smith Street, Chinatown.

Though Smith Street along Chinatown is well known among local, but the Chinese Restaurants as in PRC that lined along it are less heard or even notice of. Even when we strolled along the Food Street, most Singaporean, like myself would probably have ignored their existence, much less walk-in to try them. I was glad that I have the opportunity to dine at one of the Chinese restaurant along the famous street, Restaurant Manchurian 满族全羊铺, having Startaster to thank. Actually, this restaurant doesn’t have an English name. It was translated by the staff of Startaster.


满族 means Manchurian while 全羊铺 refers to pure mutton shop. You might have guessed what this restaurant is serving by now. Yes, it is a restaurant serving mutton in Manchurian style. Manchurian rule China during the Qing Dynasty and now it is considered as a minority in China. I happened to have a colleague who is Manchurian.


Restaurant Manchurian 满族全羊铺 - Interior


Even before you set foot in the restaurant, you might have notice all the very “cina” (cina means Chinese) ornaments at the door. One such is the typical latern. The design and the rest of the furniture and accessories in the Restaurant Manchurian 满族全羊铺 is likewise.



On The Table


Beijing City Lamb Spine Claypot Stew  老北京羊蝎子锅, a mutton hotpot dish, served in a bronze pot is the signature dish at the restaurant. It is a must order and best enjoyed with a group of friends. It is a warm comfort food especially for rainy weather.


Restaurant Manchurian 满族全羊铺 - Beijing City Lamb Spine Claypot Stew 老北京羊蝎子锅


The taste of this hotpot is slight spicy and lots of fragrance tasty from the various spice added into the pot. The essence is the Meat from the Mutton spine stewed with secret recipe from the old chef from Beijing. It has slight fat and it melt in the mouth. It was heavenly.


Restaurant Manchurian 满族全羊铺 - Vegetables and more side dishe for hotpot


At the sight of the pot, some may felt that it is too meat. The solution is to order some vegetable side dishes which include the tofu and mushroom. Add them into the pot and it turned into a healthier option.


Restaurant Manchurian 满族全羊铺 - Home Made Lamb Chops


The second highly recommended Mutton dish is the Home Made Lamb Chops. It was marinated lightly with some spices. It was served with a special soy garlic sauce and chilli oil by the side. Personally, I prefer the garlic dip. It enhances the Lamb Chop, making it so much tastier.


Restaurant Manchurian 满族全羊铺 - BBQ Lamb Chops


Lastly, BBQ Lamb Chops is the other signature dish of the restaurant. Marinated and peppered with lots of marinate and spice, a dish great for the strong palate. If you prefer, dip the meat with some homemade chilli flake to add some spice to the dish.


Restaurant Manchurian 满族全羊铺 - Hot Plate Cumin Beef


Some may find an overwhelming of Mutton, for those who do not prefer Lamb or Mutton, other dishes such as the Hot Plate Cumin Beef, Frog Legs, and you get to choose from an array of seafood such as Sichuan Pepper Steamed Fish Head, Prawns and the Chinese Crawfish cooked in Sichuan Style.


Restaurant Manchurian 满族全羊铺 - Home Made Bean Curd Noodles Salad


For starter, Restaurant Manchurian served some cold dishes such as the Home Made Bean Curd Noodles Salad tossed mainly in sesame oil and some other condiments such as pepper and salt.


Restaurant Manchurian 满族全羊铺 - Marinated Meat in Baked Buns 肉夹馍


Typical Marinated Meat in Baked Buns 肉夹馍 were served with mutton meat but we have the pork verson instead. Personally, I will still go with the mutton version. As the mutton buns were so much tastier and fragrance. Unless, you don’t like mutton, otherwise mutton is a must. A pity that the restaurant owner is planning to take this dish off the menu. If you like it, pop over as soon as you can.


Restaurant Manchurian 满族全羊铺 - Sour Plum Drink


A common drink found in many of the PRC Chinese restaurant is the Sour Plum Drink (酸梅汤). The one served at Restaurant Manchurian is lightly flavoured and has a good balance of sourish and sweetish taste.


The best part is, all these could be enjoyed at the comfort of your home without stepping out, especially during days of haze. You could get on StarTaster webpage to opt for a delivery.





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Restaurant Manchurian 满族全羊铺 - Startaster



NAHMJ Verdict


For an entire new experience, and for the more adventurous, try Restaurant Manchurian 满族全羊铺 signature cum highly recommended dishes with the must have Beijing City Lamb Spine Claypot Stew  老北京羊蝎子锅, Home Made Lamb Chops and BBQ Lamb Chops.




Restaurant Manchurian 满族全羊铺

18 Smith St, Singapore 058932
Tel: +65 6225 8663



Opening Hours


Daily  1100 to 2330


Getting There



  • Northeast line or Downtown line – Chinatown station; or East West line – Outram Park station


By Bus:

  • alight at New Bridge Road bus stop   2, 12, 33, 54, 63, 80, 124, 143, 147, 190, 851, 961, 970, CT8, CT18, CT28
  • alight at South Bridge Road bus stop   61, 80, 145, 166, 197
  • alight at Eu Tong Seng bus stop, outside People’s Park Complex   2, 12, 33, 61, 63, 143, 197, 961, 970, CT8, CT18, CT28
  • alight at Eu Tong Seng, outside People’s Park Center   54, 124, 145, 147, 166, 190, 851


Rating: 8/10



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