Ice Cream Roll - Coyoro Ice Cream Roll in the making

Ice Cream Roll Parlour In Singapore

There is a recently trend of serving Ice Cream in a roll, instead the conventional scoop, which I noticed at Instagram. First we have the soft serve trend, now in roll. In just a short span of 1 week, I spotted 2 Ice Cream Parlours serving the Ice Cream Roll. Will this be the new trend and will it last? Let’s keep watch.



Ice Cream Roll


21 CUBE Artisan Ice Cream

2 Orchard Link #02-29, Singapore 237978
Tel: +65


Opening Hours  Tuesday – Thursday  1300 to 2130; Friday & Sunday 1230 to 2200; Saturday 1200 to 2230


Ice Cream Roll - 21 CUBE Artisan Ice Cream, Yogurt Base with Strawberry mix


Located at Scape, a convenient location for shoppers at Orchard to pop by for a sweet treat.

It is highly customised. First you choose a base (chocolate, matcha, plain, yogurt, yakult and vanilla), next you get either 1 mix ($4.90) or 2 mixes ($5.90) and finally, you select a sauce when it is ready.

Our first trial was with yogurt base and strawberry mix. We find the texture to be smooth and lightly creamy and flavoured.

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Rating: 7/10





430 Upper Changi Road, East Village #01-13 Singapore 487048
Tel: +65 8218 5776


Opening Hours  Daily 1300 to 2200


Ice Cream Roll - Coyoro, Strawyoro


Coyoro was the first ice cream roll that NAHMJ tried. We like the idea of rolling the ice cream and serving with a soft serve or froyo. But NAHMJ thought that it was a good try.

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Rating: 6/10




Go Frost

220 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437011 (Within Wednesday Cafe)
Tel: +65 6247 7760


Opening Hour  Sunday – Wednesday  1300 to 2200; Friday – Saturday  1300 to 2300; Closed on Thursdays




The Famous Ice-Cream Rolls Shop [Halal]

11 Sin Ming Road, #01-12, Thomson V Two, Singapore 575629
Tel: +65 9272 5119


Opening Hours  Daily 1300 to 2200


Beside serving its Ice Cream in roll, it has waffle and milkshake on its menu too. NAHMJ is yet to try it but soon.





215F Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574349


Opening Hours

Sunday, Tuesday – Thursday   1200 to 2300; Friday – Saturday  1200 to 0200; Closed on Monday


Aiskilin Ice Cream Roll At Upper Thomson, Marymount, Singapore - Earl Grey Ice Cream Roll ($5.90)


In the same area as The Famous Ice Cream and it has similar offering as them too. But its location is much more convenient.

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Rating: 6.5/10