Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore - Front View

Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore – Sultan Gate, Kampong Glam, Singapore

Agrobazaar Malaysia is here in Singapore due to a Malaysian government funded initiatives. As a result Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore is born at Sultan Gate, Kampong Glam, occupying a few shophouses. It has a very interesting concept; consisting of a supermarket, cafe and a restaurant. The supermarket are stocked with Malaysian produces and products, while the cafe and restaurant serve authentic Malaysian cuisine.


Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore - Supermarket





On the ground floor is the Supermarket. The Supermarket section is the original business of Agrobazaar Malaysia.


Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore - Supermarket Products


Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore - More Supermarket Products


There are so many Malaysia producce and products with brands that are never seen in any other supermarket in Singapore. It is also shelves with lots of Malaysia grown fruits.


Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore - Durians


My favourite part of the supermarket is the special Durian room filled with Durian. I was eyeing for these king of fruits from the moment I see them.



KopieSatu Cafe


Also located at the ground floor is KopieSatu. This is one of the addition to the Singapore outlet. It is not found back in the Agrobazaar Malaysia. KopieSatu Cafe serves specialty coffee and cakes.


Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore - Cafe, KopieSatu


Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore - Cafe, KopieSatu Seating area


The good news at KopieSatu is that complimentary Wifi is offered to patrons.



Verandah Restaurant


On the second floor found the Verandah Restaurant also only available at Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore. It has both the indoor and al fresco seating area.


Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore - Restaurant, Verandah


At the Verandah, lots of mouth-watering authentic Malaysian food is served.



On The Table


We tried a pretty good number of dishes ranging from Mains, Sides and Desserts.


Mee Bandung ‘Muo’

The Mee Bandung ‘Muo’ reminded me of Mee Rebus.


Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore - Mee Bandung 'Muo'


It is richer in meat and seafood taste than the Mee Rebus.


Penang Laksa

Strong in flavour as it is packed with sour and chilli scent.


Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore - Penang Laksa


Typical Penang Laksa characteristics is found in this lovely bowl of delicacy.


Tauhu Bakar

A dish similar to Tahu Goreng.


Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore - Tauhu Bakar


Chicken Satay

Tender chicken meat with rich peanut sauce to compliment the flavour.


Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore - Chicken Satay


Goreng Pisang and Sweet Potato

Batter was thinly coated and crispy. And importantly, it didn’t soak much oil.


Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore - Goreng Pisang


My favourite part of the dinner has always been the desserts. No exception this round.



Rich in coconut, mild Gula Melaka.


Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore - Cendol


I wouldn’t mind if the Gula Melaka is more concentrated.


Kueh Lapis

Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore - Kueh Lapis


Agro Durian Rainbow cake

Among the 3, the Agro Durian Rainbow Cake is my top choice. Interestingly, it is a little briny like the salted caramel.


Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore - Agro Durian Rainbow cake

If I can only choose one desserts at the Verandah Restaurant, I won’t trade this piece of cake for anything else.


Dragonfruit and Pineapple Fruit Juice

A citrus fruit juice


Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore - Dragonfruit and Pineapple Fruit Juice


Ice Caramel Latte

Lightly sweet and lightly coffee flavoured. Perfect for the light palate.


Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore - Ice Caramel Latte


Another drink we tried was the Teh Terik, which I forgot to take a photo. The scent was pretty light too.



Verdict and NAHMJ Pick


Agrobazaar Malayia @ Singapore is certainly a great place for anyone who relishes the authentic Malaysian food to turn to when in need to satisfy their craving.


Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore - Some Agrobazaar products


And if you need to find any Malaysian products, this is the place. We even spotted Bird’s Nest Chocolate.


The food we love are the Penang Laksa, Mee Bandung ‘Muo’ and the Agro Durian Rainbow cake.



Good News For Reader


20 % off all cakes and drinks with minimum purchase of a cake and a drink.


Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore - Promotion at KopieSatu


This promotion is valid from now till 31 Dec 2015.




Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore

37 – 43 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198485
Tel: +65 6391 9841




Opening Hours


Daily 1000 to 2200


Getting There



  • Downtown line & East West line – Bugis station


By Bus:

  • alight at or opposite Plaza Parkroyal along Beach Road   100, 107, 107M, 961, 980
  • alight before Sultan Mosque along North Bridge Road   7, 32, 51, 61, 63, 80, 145, 175, 197
  • alight at bus stop near Bali Lane, along Ophir Road – 48


Rating: 7.5/10



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