Lynn's Cakes & Coffee - Indoor Seating area

Lynn’s Cakes & Coffee Cafe – Eng Kong Terrace

One of the cake many raved about at Lynn’s Cake & Coffee is the Rainbow Cake. I have been wondering if Lynn’s Cake live up to its name. And I popped over to the cafe at Eng Kong Terrace in Bukit Timah area. It is a few units away Necessary Provision, to find out for myself.


Lynn's Cakes & Coffee - A View of the cafe


I like the Scandinavian looking interior design of the cafe. It was mainly cover in the lightly brown tone wood with resulted the cosy feel in the cafe. Seats are pretty limited as the cafe isn’t big. They have smartly installed a row of high bar tables and chairs by the side of the chair to increase the number of seatings.




Over at Lynn’s Cake & Coffee Cafe, besides Cake and coffee, some food were served too.


Lynn's Cakes & Coffee - Menu


The menu is changed from time to time. And it seems they serve excellent Nasi Lemak as some customer were inquiring when it will be back on its Menu.



What I tried?

On the menu was 3 pasta and a Fries and Meatball. I thought Fries and Meatball sounded like a great combinations.


Fries and Meatball

It came with 4 meatballs with each measuring about 2 cm in diameter. These 4 tiny meatball sat on a bowl of chunky fries with a dish of chilli sauce accompanied.


Lynn's Cakes & Coffee - Fries and Meatball


I thought this was freaking expensive.


Lynn's Cakes & Coffee - Meatball with Cheese filling


The consolation was, the meatball has a cheesy centre as the filling. The cheddar oozed out when my teeth sank into the tasty meatball.


Red Velvet Cake

I went to the cafe with the aim of trying out its Rainbow Cake. When I saw the appearance, I was taken a little a back. As the cake seems to be rich in artificial colourings. All the layers were consisting of dark colour cakes. I find the Rainbow Cake a little scary.


Lynn's Cakes & Coffee - Red Velvet


I went after the Red Velvet instead. It was a three layer Red Velvet dense layer with Lemon Cheese Frosting between the layers and on its outer edge.

The cake was a little lumpy. Some of the flour coagulated together to form a tiny lump. Some part of the cake was pure Chocolate, instead of the Red Velvet colour and taste. Another indication of the cake wasn’t well mixed. It seems that the cake was rich in colouring too as the red colours stain the plate.



The cup of Cappuccino was low acidity with full body and a chocolaty and nutty flavour.


Lynn's Cakes & Coffee - Cappuccino


It was just the way I like my coffee to be.




Despite the little flaw in the cake and the overpriced Fries and Meatball, other items served such as the pasta (spotted at the next table) was pretty reasonable. With a comfy ambience, decent coffee and considerably good cakes and free Wifi, these make it a good cafe for tea break.




Lynn’s Cakes & Coffee

11 Eng Kong Terrace Singapore 598983
Tel: +65 6314 2886



Opening Hours


Tuesday – Thursday 1100 to 1900; Friday – Saturday 1100 to 2100; Sunday 1100 to 2000; Closed on Mondays


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight before or after Eng Kong Place along Eng Kong Terrace   173


Rating: 6.5/10