Bakersfield Sandwich Bar & Patisserie - My Order, another view

Bakersfield Sandwich Bar & Patisserie Cafe – Fusionpolis, Innovis, Singapore

More and more F&B are finding its way to Fusionpolis cum Biopolis vicinity. Bakersfield Sandwich Bar & Patisserie is one of the addition to Innovis @ Fusionpolis 2. It is certainly great news for those working in the area.


Bakersfield Sandwich Bar & Patisserie - Cakes Counter


Bakersfield Sandwich Bar & Patisserie has a rather small seating capacity. When I entered, instantaneously, my eyes are turned to the gorgeous-looking cakes over at the counter. It displayed all its availability.





The main staple in Bakersfield is sandwiches, cakes and pastries. Bakersfield is planning to change its sandwich menu every 2 weeks.

While I was there, Bakersfield was serving 1 burger; the Chicken Paprika and 3 Sandwiches; Smoked Salmon, Tomato Mozzarella and Ham & Cheese.


Bakersfield Sandwich Bar & Patisserie - Menu


While the beverages are the standard coffee with 6 selections of tea and 2 soda drinks.



Food I tried …


I tried its sandwiches, cakes and pastries and of course coffee too.


Mushroom & Cheese Quiche

The slice of quiche is pretty decent as lunch. It was a pity that it was not with a side salad. Throughout the slice, it was fully packed with mushroom slices. The pastry was buttery, crusty but a little dry.


Bakersfield Sandwich Bar & Patisserie - Mushroom & Cheese Quiche


It was filled with natural flavour emitting from the ingredients. But I suspect some may find it a little too bland. For me, still considerably acceptable.


Chicken Paprika Burger

The Chicken Thigh in the burger was richly Paprika marinated but with a lack of salt. Slight sauce was spreaded over the burger bun to give a little more flavour and moist to the burger. And a substantial bed of rocket is found in the burger too.


Bakersfield Sandwich Bar & Patisserie - Chicken Paprika Burger


Finally, some green with vinaigrette was beside the burger. Lots of green which was healthy.


Pistachio Morello

Pistachio Morello has a made-up of to thick custard layer sandwiched by a thin pistachio flavoured layer and sparingly there are pistachio nuts pieces. On the top layer of custard mousse, Morello Cherry pieces were randomly placed. Lastly, the surface was glaceed with cherry jam.


Bakersfield Sandwich Bar & Patisserie - Pistachio Morello


A pity that it was mainly custard tasting. Pistachio and cherry flavour wasn’t masked by the custard. A little fine tuning would be required to find the right balance.


Caramalized Apple

The Caramalized Apple is like eating a moussy Apple tart.


Bakersfield Sandwich Bar & Patisserie - Caramelized Apple


I like the combination of the hazelnut crunch bites as the base and the side with a spongy cake layer, followed by the vanilla mousse and a caramelized apple bites core. The portion of the composition was at an awesome ratio.



Cuppa was with a full body, low acidity, dark chocolate and nutty hint.


Bakersfield Sandwich Bar & Patisserie - Cappuccino


Home Brewed Iced-Tea

For those who is looking for an alternative to coffee, can turn to the tea. I tried the Home Brewed Iced Tea.


Bakersfield Sandwich Bar & Patisserie - Home Brewed Iced Tea


No sugar or syrup added to the initial cup but fill it up accordingly to tolerance for sugar.




Despite the little flaw, I find Bakersfield Sandwich Bar & Patisserie promising. With a little more experimenting in Bakersfield kitchen, it should turn out awesome soon.




Bakersfield Sandwich Bar & Patisserie

2 Fusionpolis Way #01-06 Innovis @ Fusionpolis 2, Singapore 138634
Tel: +65 6250 2934



Opening Hours


Monday – Friday 0830 to 1800


Getting There



  • Circle Line – One North station (Exit B) or Buona Vista


By Bus:

  • alight at or opp One North station   91


Rating: 7.5/10