CreatureS Cafe - Second Level

CreatureS Cafe – Desker Road, Little India, Singapore

When we entered the tastefully decorated cafe located at Desker Road, we were welcomed by the owner, Dennis. And we were informed that it was fully booked. Upon hearing that, my heart sank. Lucky, Dennis accommodated us by finding us a table comfortably for 2. If you plan to visit them on the weekend, Dennis highly recommends that a reservation would be desirable and to avoid disappointment.


CreatureS Cafe - Counter


CreatureS occupied the shophouse, numbered 120, spreading across 2 levels with an outdoor seats at the second level. The feel for both levels and the alfresco seating area were different.


CreatureS Cafe - Second Level Seating Area


CreatureS Cafe - Near the Alfresco Seating


CreatureS Cafe - Alfresco Seating


If the weather is not too warm, I wouldn’t mind taking the outdoor seats.




At CreatureS, it serves an interesting mix of Asian Fusion, improvised traditional Peranankan cuisine and Italian Food on its menu. And a Brunch menu with some special dishes were offered on the weekends.

Though the desserts menu is a long listing, it is a pity that only 3 desserts were served each day.



Our Order

Dennis provided us a very comprehensive details of the menu, recommending its signature dishes for our consideration. These really help us in deciding. And we ordered a soup, a main, a sharing plate, 2 drinks and 2 desserts.


Chicken Soup with Fried Man-Tou

The chicken soup consisting of Sautéed bacon, chicken chunks, carrots, potatoes, white radish and shitake mushrooms, fresh corn kernels in hearty chicken broth. 


CreatureS Cafe - Chicken Soup with Fried Man-Tou


A bowl of comfort soup that was flavourful; full of vegetable sweetness from the carrot, potato and radish. It was a pity that we find it too oily.


Prawn Ravioli

Ravioli has always been our top choice. Since this was highly recommended by Dennis, we are not going to miss it.


CreatureS Cafe - Prawn Ravioli


Very much like the description from the menu “Creamy prawn filling, with ginger-garlic-thyme butter sauce”. We like the light creamy and subtle herb emitted from the dish and the pine nuts provided an extra crunch texture.


Prawn & Pork Buah Keluak on Prata

Buah keluak, a traditional ingredients used in Peranankan dish. It was sautéed with minced pork and prawn and were dished on crispy prata quarters.


CreatureS Cafe - Prawn & Pork Buah  Keluak on Prata


This is a little strong taste and perhaps a little acquired taste for some. Personally, a thumbs up.


Durian Cake

Finally, it was time for desserts. One of our dessert was the Durian Cake; composing of Pandan Genoise Sponge, Pandan Vanilla Chantilly Cream and Mao Shan Wang Durian Paste.


CreatureS Cafe - Durian Cake


It was surprisingly light, though I would very much prefer a strong durian tasting cake. Nevertheless, I am rating it as excellent since I am bias against durian.


Lemongrass & Ginger Ice Cream

We have a scoop of the Lemongrass & Ginger Ice Cream too. As it was an original flavour which I have never come across yet.


CreatureS Cafe - Lemongrass & Ginger Ice Cream


The Lemongrass flavour sustained throughout with very faint ginger flavour. The ginger flavour act more like enhancing the Lemongrass. Both tasters enjoyed the ice cream. We will surely order this at subsequent visit.


Home Brewed & Quenchers – Dried Longan & Red Date and Watercress with Honey

Creature has some home brewed & quenchers. My initiated choice of Lemongrass Panda was not available and so I made do with Watercress with Honey and the second drink was Dried Longan & Red Date


CreatureS Cafe - Home Brewed & Quenchers - Dried Longan & Red Date and Watercress with Honey


Both drinks were flavourful and were considerably sweet but still at an acceptable level for our palate.



All the food that we tried at CreatureS were outstanding. On top of fabulous delish food, the service at CreatureS was not only warm and friendly but attentive too. The ambience at CreatureS was casual and relaxing. We like everything about CreatureS.

If  improvements were to be identified, we would like to see more choices of desserts offered daily and of course less sugar added to the home brewed drinks and less oily soup.


CreatureS Cafe - More view of Second Level Seating Area




Prawn Ravioli and Lemongrass & Ginger Ice Cream are the must order at CreatureS.




120 Desker Road Singapore 209639
Tel: +65 6291 6996



Opening Hours


Monday, Wednesday – Thursday 1030 to 2230; Friday 1030 to 2330; Saturday 1030 to 2330; Sunday 0930 to 2230; Closed on Tuesdays


Getting There



  • North-East line – Farrer Park station


By Bus:

  • alight opp Veerasamy Road along Jalan Besar   23, 64, 65, 66, 67, 130, 139, 147, 857
  • alight Broadway Hotel along Serangoon Road   23, 64, 65, 66, 67, 130, 139, 147, 857


Rating: 8/10