Necessary Provisions - Coffee Bar Counter and Cakes Display

Necessary Provisions Cafe – Eng Kong Terrace

Upon entering the cafe, Necessary Provisions at Eng Kong Terrace, I felt I have gone over to the dark side. The entire cafe was black with sparingly greens. As a result when seated facing the glass panel, it was far too glaring to my eyes.


Necessary Provisions - Interior


Necessary Provisions - Outdoor Seats


Space were mainly with communal styled tables for the interior seating. A few seats were available outdoor as an alternative.

Sunday Menu

On a Sunday, Necessary Provisions is not serving its regular menu, instead it has a Sunday Special Menu, Sunday Fest.


Necessary Provisions - Sunday Menu


There isn’t much option; either, or and a dessert. Each set comes with the Bruschetta. Sunday Menu is simple and straightforward. At a glance on the blackboard menu, you know if you are going after it or not.


Necessary Provisions - Drinks Menu


A consolation that they are serving their full drinks menu.


Chicken Schnitzel Burger

I was recommended the Chicken Schnitzel Set ($20), came with Bruschetta.


Necessary Provisions - Bruschetta


I didn’t appreciate having a bread based appetiser since the burger is likewise. Even though this was the case, taste-wise, I am giving the Bruschetta a thumb up.


Necessary Provisions - Chicken Schnitzel Set


The fried chicken even though was extremely a thin slice, I could savour the chicken flavour. The bread batter was also lightly coated to give a nice crisp on the fried chicken. With the rocket salad, and the vinaigrette, it boosted the dish. By comparison, the coleslaw was a little dull.



Caramel Lemon Chibaust ($12) is rather exorbitant for a narrow slice of cake composing of two layers of sponge sandwiched with Chibaust (custard cream) with a tart base at the bottom of the cake. On top was thinly glaced with Caramel topped with sliced roasted almond. Some Cognac was also blended into the cake.


Necessary Provisions - Caramel Lemon Chibaust


I like the entire composition, texture and sweetness level, though I feel that there are some room for improvement.



Coffee served at the cafe was Black or white. For white, there are 4, 6 and 8 oz cup.


Necessary Provisions - White (6oz)


I went for a 6 oz cup with moderate amount of milk, closer to the Cappuccino. Coffee at the Necessary Provisions was a pretty well balance blend; medium acidity, almost full body with some berry and nutty flavour note.



Food is considerably expensive at the Necessary Provisions, but in exchange the quality and taste, I am find it acceptable. In addition, the cafe offers free Wifi.



Necessary Provisions

21 Eng Kong Terrace Singapore 598993
Tel: +65 9231 7920



Opening Hours


Wednesday – Thursday 1000 to 2200; Friday – Saturday 1000 to 0000; Sunday 1000 to 1800; Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight before or after Eng Kong Place along Eng Kong Terrace   173


Rating: 7/10