Stuttgart Blackforest S-Cafe Express - Front

Stuttgart Blackforest S-Cafe Express – Beach Road, Singapore

I stumbled upon Stuttgart Blackforest S-Cafe Express at a corner of a row of shop house while I was on my way to Beach Road Food Centre. It was the lighting display and the wall art outside the shop that caught my attention.


Stuttgart Blackforest S-Cafe Express - Toy Soldier Live Size


When entered, greeting from a live size toy soldier.


Stuttgart Blackforest S-Cafe Express - At the entrance


And next I was captivated by the wall of greens. It brought cafe hoppers closer to nature.


Stuttgart Blackforest S-Cafe Express - Arts


Stuttgart Cafe Express co-occupied the 2-storey shophouse with Verde Light. The entire cafe were decorated with lights and Arts pieces.



Even the chairs were an Art.



Stuttgart Blackforest Cafe Express Menu isn’t as extensive as the main Stuttgart Blackforest restaurant at Middle Road.


Stuttgart Blackforest S-Cafe Express - Menu


It has a compact version with limited but decent selection. You get some Main choices such as Pasta, Croissant, Salad and Soup with a number of desserts selection. Aside from the regular coffee, Stuttgart Express Cafe offers some Premium Beer too.


Food Lift, The Dumbwaiter At The Second Storey

Once you completed your order, you will get a pagar if you will be seated at the second floor.


Stuttgart Blackforest S-Cafe Express - The Dumbwaiter


You will notice it on your right when are at the end of the stairs of the second storey.


Stuttgart Blackforest S-Cafe Express - The Dumbwaiter When Open


Wait for it to buzz and proceed to the Dumbwaiter. Lift up the door, collect your order. Leave your buzzer in the lift and close the door.


Food – Cakes & Pastries

On the display, I noted only the Blackforest Cake and the Cheesecake among others. When I turned my eyes towards the price tag of the Blackforest Cake, priced at $11, I was a little astounded.


Stuttgart Blackforest S-Cafe Express - Premium Blackforest Cake

I was determined to find  if it is worth its value. I ordered the Premium Blackforest Cake.

When I saw the layers of cream as thick as the sponge cake, I regretted. I took a deep breath and sank in for the first bite. And I went, “Oh my, it was heavenly!” Certainly worth every single cents. I was surprised by the harmony of the cake layer and the cream and with the based of Kirsch soaked cherries, the entire flavour of the cake emitted to the fullest. No doubt about the claim about being the best in town.



My Cappuccino came in a takeaway cup even though I dined in. This was something I didn’t appreciate.


Stuttgart Blackforest S-Cafe Express - Cappuccino


The first thing I did was to lift up the lid to examine to look of the cuppa. The look simply gave it away. It was dispensed out of fully automatic coffee machine.


Stuttgart Blackforest S-Cafe Express - Dispensed by Automatic Coffee Machine


At my first sip, immediately, I noted the bitterness. The cup was full body and low acidity.


Stuttgart Blackforest S-Cafe Express - Second Storey Another View


I find the cafe very attractive and I did an ootd photo and it is up in @NAHMJ instagram account. Popped over to view it.



Stuttgart Blackforest S-Cafe Express is filled with artistic mood and with different types of seats for your selection. In addition, it is with bright lighting and that suits reading. And since it offers cafe-hoppers with complimentary Wifi, it is certainly a cafe suitable for working too.


Stuttgart Blackforest S-Cafe Express - Second Storey, at a Corner


Together with delish Premium Blackforest Cake and decent coffee, it is a great way to spend time at Stuttgart Blackforest Cafe Express.


NAHMJ Recommendation

The Premium Blackforest Cake is the must have when at Stuttgart Blackforest S-Cafe Express. Don’t miss it all sweet tooth cafe-hoppers!!



Stuttgart Blackforest S-Cafe Express

367 Beach Road Singapore 199579
Tel: +65 9472 0367



Opening Hours


Monday – Thursday 1000 to 2000; Friday – Saturday 1000 to 2100; Sunday 1100 to 1900


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight at or opposite Plaza Parkroyal along Beach Road   100, 107, 107M, 961, 980
  • alight before Sultan Mosque along North Bridge Road – 7, 32, 51, 61, 63, 80, 145, 175, 197
  • alight at bus stop near Bali Lane, along Ophir Road – 48


Rating: 7/10