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TWG Tea Macarons – Takashimaya, Singapore

I decided to give TWG Tea Macarons a try and popped over to the Takashimaya outlet and got 6 macarons as I am on a macarons adventure. Though not much of a macarons fan, mainly due to my cravings.


TWG Tea Macarons - Box of 6s macarons


But certainly, I am a huge fan of TWG Tea Scones. I have tried many of their pastries, till date I have not found any to my liking. What about the macarons.


Bake Quality of TWG Tea Macarons

First, I examined the TWG Tea Macaron looks. It wasn’t well bake.


TWG Tea Macarons - Feet and Shell detaching


Most of the TWG Tea Macarons feet is detaching from the shell.


TWG Tea Macarons Taste and Texture 

The TWG Tea Macarons weren’t too sweet. Personally, it was at a perfect level for me. Some of the flavours were pretty outstanding and it has a great oomph factor.

As for the texture, somehow the macaron biscuits were a little too soft and airy. When my teeth sink into the biscuit, immediately, it collapses. It was far too soft with chewy interior totally absent. At the minimum, there was a slight crisp factor on the egg shell crust.


TWG Tea Macarons Flavours

I tried 6 flavours. There were some outstanding one that impresses me while one that turned me off totally.

Grand Wedding Tea, Passion Fruit & Coconut

The photo of this macarons is on the second from the top, the purple one. It has a refreshing tangy passionfruit flavour. I was amazed with the coconut added, the flavour was enhanced and it really increases the level of enjoyment.


Vanilla Bourbon Tea & Kaya

Kaya hint on vanilla flavour. A nice Asian infused flavour.


TWG Tea Macarons - Vanilla Bourbon Tea & Kaya



It has a strong Matcha fragrance. Great for Matcha fans.


TWG Tea Macarons - Matcha


Bain de Roses Tea

A nice strong and sweet rose fragance was emitted.


TWG Tea Macarons - Bain de Roses Tea

Moroccan Mint Tea

Minty flavour with a hint of tea. Great for those who loves mint.


TWG Tea Macarons - Moroccan Mint Tea


Limited Edition – Red Balloon, Tea & Blackberry

I have forgotten to take an individual photo this limited edition macaron. The shell is in bright chilli red colour. The cream has a core of Blackberry surrounded with some whitish cream. It is a pity that the blackberry reminded me of cough syrup. This certainly turned me off totally.



Despite the flaw bake of the macaron biscuits, TWG has some interesting flavours that wow me too. At the same token, there was also one that disappoint. For the flavours, it is still worth trying.


NAHMJ Favourite Flavours

Flavours-wise, the Grand Wedding Tea, Passion Fruit & Coconut and the Bain de Roses Tea wowed me.



TWG Tea Macarons

Takashimaya Singapore, 391 Orchard Road, B2, Singapore 238873
Tel: + 65 68421837



Opening Hours:


Daily 1000 to 2130


Getting There


  • North-South line – Orchard station

By Bus:

  • alight opp Ngee Ann City along Orchard Turn   14e, 124, 128, 143, 162, 162M, 167, 171, 190, 700, 700A
  • alight opp Orchard station along Orchard Boulevard    7, 14, 16, 36, 65, 77, 106, 111, 123, 174, 174e, 175
  • alight at Lucky Plaza along Orchard Road – 7, 14, 14e, 16, 65, 106, 111, 123, 175, 502
  • alight at Tang Plaza along Orchard Road – 36, 77, 124, 128, 143, 162, 162M, 167, 171, 174, 174e, 190, 518, 700, 700A


Rating: 7/10