Ukulele Movement Cafe - Ukelele on Walls

Ukulele Movement Cafe At Race Course Road – Farrer Park, Singapore

The Ukulele Movement, formerly at Rangoon Road has shifted to a new location. New address is below.

809 French Road, #02-41 Kitchener Complex, 200809

Ukulele Movement Cafe is not just but part of the Ukulele Movement. The core business of Ukulele Movement, of course, revolves around the Ukulele.

Ukulele is a small and handy musical instrument with beautiful acoustic and it is also very versatile as it can play different music style from classical to pop.


Ukulele Movement Cafe - Front


When I entered Ukulele Movement Cafe, my attention was drawn to the green wall with lots of Ukulele hang in a random pattern.


Ukulele Movement Cafe - Interior



Though only a sample of cakes and pastries with coffee and some other drinks were offered in the cafe, what it was rich in was the lovely Ukulele song and enchanting voices from the cafe hoppers and the service crews playing and singing. I am not sure if this happen daily but it was when I was at the cafe. If you know the song, why not sing along.

In addition, the cafe also offer free Wifi.


Food – Cakes and Pastries

On the display, there were only three types of cakes; a Chocolate cake, the Tiramisu and lastly the Red Genoise. I ordered the Red Genoise as the colours attract.


Ukelele Movement - Red Genoise (Raspberry and Pistachio)


The Red Genoise composed of 2 Raspberry layer, 1 Pistachio layer and 3 thin sponge layer. From the look, I thought the Raspberry flavour would overwhelm. I was wrong. It was with great balance. I could savour the nuttiness and the unique Pistachio aroma coupled with the Raspberry sourish fruity flavour together with the sponge that provide a nice texture. In short, an outstanding piece of cake. I was certainly surprise.



The cup of Cappuccino was with a simple Ukulele shaped Chocolate dusting, a signature of the Ukulele Movement, I suppose.


Ukelele Movement - Cappuccino


It was full body with low acidity, with nutty flavour hint and a little bitter. It was a decent cup.



Cake was fabulous (based on the piece I tried) and coffee is decent. What I enjoyed most about the cafe is the ambience with live Ukulele performances and singing, at least on the day of my visit. Moreover, I could enjoy the free Wifi together with the captivating sound from the Ukulele and the amazing singing from the crew and patrons. What a splendid and unusual experience!



Ukulele Movement

178 Race Course Road Singapore 218608
Tel: +65 6299 0580



Opening Hours


Tuesday – Saturday 1000 to 2000; Sunday 1000 to 1800; Closed on Mondays and selected public holidays (Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Chinese New Year)


Getting There



  • North-east line – Farrer Park station (Exit F)


By Bus:

  • alight at Broadway Hotel along Serangoon Road   23, 63, 64, 65, 67, 131, 138, 147, 857
  • alight after Race Course Road along Rangoon Road   131


Rating: 7.5/10