Tête-à-Tête Café - Another view

Tête-à-Tête Café – Nucleos, Biopolis

Tête-à-Tête Café is at the Nucleos, at the same building where Curbside Cafe & Bar is located.

Some sort of Parisan cafe touch was added to the cafe, in particular by the side of a wall. Otherwise, it is very much simple with cemented floors and some wooden table and plastic chairs. Nothing very fanciful.


Tête-à-Tête Café - Interior


Over at the food menu, you will find pastries such as Quiche and more food to be narrated by the service crew. I remembered hearing the Pizza and Chicken Stew and what else, I couldn’t remember.


Tête-à-Tête Café - Specialty Tea


A wide range of Tea, both specialty and normal Tea, were offered by Tête-à-Tête Café. This is certainly good news for tea drinkers.


My Lunch

I went for a comfort food, the Chicken stew. In this bowl of stew, there are chunks of chicken thigh meat, carrots, leeks, onions and potatoes. The soup was filled with potato and carrot sweetness and chicken flavour. Toasted Foccacia Bread with butter spread was accompanied.


Tête-à-Tête Café - Chicken Stew


Raspberry Chocolate Cake was my dessert after main. Raspberry, white chocolate with milk chocolate and raspberry fruit topping which are heavenly combination; great for a lovely looking cake.


Tête-à-Tête Café - Raspberry Chocolate


I like the raspberry flavoured of the cake but couldn’t quite agree with the texture as I felt it was too gelatine-like.


Tête-à-Tête Café - Milk Oolong Tea


Milk Oolong Tea was my selection, instead of my usual coffee. As I Milk Oolong Tea was appealing. It was full of Oolong fragrance plus a little fruitiness. I went very well with the pastries of choice.


My Takeaway Order

As usual, I always enjoy sharing sweets with my family, so I got home 2 sets of Trios Pastry set ($18 per set). The selection is limited to any cake or pastry priced at from $6.90 to $7.90 which was displayed at the Tier 1 and 2 of the counter.


Meringue Tarts

Tête-à-Tête Café baked a number of Meringue Tarts. I spotted, Lemon, Orange and Passionfruit Meringue Tarts on the day of my visit. I thought Orange Meringue is something unique as I have not seen in any other Patisserie so far.


Tête-à-Tête Café - Orange Meringue


The orange flavour was too subtle, probably due to the overly sweetness of the tart as a result loses the orange sourish flavour. Due to this point, somehow the tart just lost the essence of the citrus fruitiness. It was very much a shame


Chocolate Cakes

On the dessert display counter, there were lots of chocolate cakes cum pastries selection. As a chocolate fan, I couldn’t resist the charming looking cakes.


Tête-à-Tête Café - Black Forest


I got hold of a Blackforest


Tête-à-Tête Café - Chocolate Cake


Another chocolate looking cake, which I don’t remember the name.


Tête-à-Tête Café - Triple Chocolate Cake


The Triple Chocolate


Tête-à-Tête Café - Hazelnut Chocolate Cake


And finally, another chocolate flavoured cake, which I think it was known as Hazelnut Chocolate Cake.

Comparatively, the chocolate series cake fare better than the meringue. With the Hazelnut Chocolate Cake, per our classification, as the best among the 4 chocolate cakes we tried. As the rest though was as chocolaty as it should be, was a little too sweet for our palate.


Rainbow Cake

I am not a Rainbow Cake fan but I am always attracted to the colourful cake layers neatly stacked together with the lovely fruits and cream cheese frosting decorated on it. I couldn’t resist the glamour of the Rainbow Cake.


Tête-à-Tête Café - Rainbow Cake


I was surprised by how outstanding the taste was. It seems there was some citrus jam, tasted a little like passionfruit or orange, sandwiched between the cake layer. The cake was dense but yet spongy. After the sinking my teeth for the first bite, I felt I wanted more and more till I finish the entire piece. I would rate it as one of the best I tried.



There are outstanding items and room for improvement for some. Overall, a pretty good attempt at Tête-à-Tête Café.




Tête-à-Tête Café

21 Biopolis Road #01-01, Nucleos, Singapore 138670
Tel: +65 6397 4268

Website: http://www.tete-a-tetecafe.com/ 


Opening Hours


Monday – Friday 0800 to 1800; Saturday 1000 to 1800


Getting There



  • Circle Line – One North station (Exit B) or Buona Vista


By Bus:

  • alight at Blk 46 along Portsdown Road   191


Rating: 7/10