Sum Yi Tai - Interior

Sum Yi Tai 三姨太 – Boon Tat Street

Sum Yi Tai 三姨太 is a restaurant serving Hong Kong Cantonese fare along Boon Tat Street, around the Telok Ayer Conservatives area. Sum Yi Tai 三姨太 means the Third Wife in Cantonese. I didn’t like the name. It doesn’t have the positive vibes in the name. Anyway, so much so on the name.

The design of the restaurant is not the typical Chinese-looking Restaurant. My sense of the interior is that it has the Hong Kong in its 80s in the air and a strong Hong Kong gangsters impression associated with. Probably due to the dragon motifs found. And with some modern finishes as an element too. That’s very much how I feel.


Lunch Menu

It has a separate lunch and dinner menu. I went to Sum Yi Tai for lunch with my aunt.


Sum Yi Tai Restaurant - Lunch Menu



Basically, you could find the famous Cantonese Roasts, be it Roasted Pork, Char Siew or even Roasted Duck in the form of Tapas, for sharing. They serve Suckling Pigs only on Friday. A pity it wasn’t Friday when we were there.

If you were dining alone, there are some items which was good for an individual too.


Chinese Tea In a Pot

We started our meal with a pot of high quality Tie Guan Ying. It has a sweet fragrance as finishes.


Sum Yi Tai - Chinese Tea in a Pot, Tie Guan Yin


Chinese Tea is served either in cup which will be their standard. Or Chinese Tea In a Pot and you could choose either Pu Er or Tie Guan Ying.


Complimentary Soup

All lunch comes with complimentary soup.


Sum Yi Tai - Complimentary Soup


I do find the soup flavourful and tasty but I wasn’t used to the taste.


Sum Yi Tai’s Signature Roast Duck

The Roast Duck has a nice shiny skin. It wasn’t the extremely crispy kind but certainly with great marinate on it.


Sum Yi Tai - Roasted Duck


The meat was tasty. It was briny and this briniess brought out the meat fragrance to its best.


Maple Honey Glazed Char Siew

Char Siew is my evergreen favourite. Its Char Siew was coated with a sweet and nice maple honey glazed.


Sum Yi Tai – Maple Honey Glazed Char Siew



The meat was tender with a good portion of fat in between.


Sauteed Hong Kong Garlic Kai Lan Cooked 2 Ways

A larger portion of Kai Lan was sauteed with garlic and the other small portion was shredded and deep fried.


Sum Yi Tai - Sauteed Hong Kong Garlic Kai Lan Cooked 2 Ways


The shredded one was certainly crispy but I didn’t like it this way. My preference is with the Sauteed. It has a strong garlic aroma infused into the Kai Lan. Pretty nicely stirred fried.


Hor Fun with King Prawns and Egg White Sauce

The portion of Hor Fun was relatively huge. We didn’t finish it.


Sum Yi Tai - Hor Fun with King Prawns and Egg White Sauce


There were a total of 5 King Prawns with some greens and nothing else beside the huge amount of Hor Fun. I was hoping to see other ingredients like may pork. The Hor Fun is a little sweet with a not much of Wok fragrance. However, I would still consider it as decent.


Lemongrass Jelly

We ended our meal with a Lemongrass Jelly for sharing.


Sum Yi Tai - Lemongrass Jelly


The Jelly was slightly sweetened and with subtle Lemongrass scent. The fruit bit augmented to the dessert provide a different texture and fruity fragrance. It was a light dessert and portion was good for sharing for 2.


Lunch at Sum Yi Tai was sumptuous. And the best part of its menu is Sum Yi Tai cater to diner who is dining alone. As usually, having Chinese food alone is quite tough due to the portion which is usually only good for sharing among 3 person and above. I would urge you to make a reservation before you go down as we almost didn’t get to dine at Sum Yi Tai. They were pretty packed during lunch. Mind you we were there at about 11.45 am.



Sum Yi Tai 三姨太

25 Boon Tat Street Singapore 069622
Tel: +65 6221 3665



Opening Hours


Monday – Friday 1130 to 1430, 1700 t0100; Saturday 1700 to 0100; Closed on Sundays


Getting There


By MRT: Downtown line – Telok Ayer station; North-South or East West line – Raffles Place station

By Bus:

– alight at the bus stop opposite GB Building along Cecil Street – 57, 131, 167, 186, 700, 970, 971E (nearest bus stop to Telok Ayer Road)

– alight at the bus stop after Capital Tower along Robinson Road – 10, 10e, 70, 75, 97, 100, 107, 128, 130, 162, 196, 196e

– alight at the bust stop at UIC Building along Shenton Way – 10, 10e, 57, 70, 75, 97, 97e, 100, 106, 107, 128, 130, 131, 162, 186, 196, 196e


Rating: 8/10