Match Box Cafe - Interior

Match Box Cafe – Causeway Bay Hong Kong

Match Box Cafe is tucked at quiet street of Causeway Bay of Hong Kong, away from the bustling activities. This part of Causeway Bay is hardly patronised by most.


Match Box Cafe - Front


It is very much a bing sutt with a retro design. It is most prominent, when you entered. A corner filled with all the retro items can be seen at the doorstep.


Match Box Cafe - Retro Corner


Menu was mainly in Chinese. I am not sure if there is a English one. But lucky, there are pictures for those who couldn’t read Chinese. Match Box Cafe offered mainly typical Char Chaang Teng (Hong Kong Styled Cafe) food. There are some modern Western looking dishes too.


Match Box Cafe - Menu



Hong Kong Styled Fried Chicken with Salad

My Mom set eyes on the Hong Kong Styled Fried Chicken with Salad.


Match Box Cafe - Hong Kong Styled Fried Chicken with Salad


A big drumstick with side salad was served. The Fried Chicken was no doubt crispy and certainly tasty. No carbohydrates were accompanied. So for Mains, it wouldn’t be enough if you were hungry. But good for us as we have too much food earlier.



Set Meal: Chicken Pie In Pea Soup and Caramel Banana Pancake with Softserve, Plus A Milk Tea


I like the Chicken Pie. It has the shortcrust pastry which was buttery and the chicken filling was awesome. I never like Pea Soup, so I took a soup and then left it as it was.


Match Box Cafe - Set Meal: Chicken Pie In Pea Soup


Mom and I love the Pancake. It was absolute of the right texture. The softness and fluffiness was of the perfect balance. The banana, caramel and walnut together with the Vanilla Softserve complemented the pancake well.


Match Box Cafe - Set Meal: Caramel Banana Pancake with Vanilla Soft Serve


The Hong Kong Styled Milk Tea served in Match Box Cafe was thick and milky. Though not the best, good enough.


Match Box Cafe - Hong Kong Styled Milk Tea


The order chit was clipped to a large wooden, olden clip. Once we completed our meal, take this to the counter for payment.


Match Box Cafe - Order Chit


One of the popular item that I saw many ordering was the Three Treasure Rice. In it consist of eggs, luncheon meat (if I remember correctly) and BBQ Roast Pork. I like the combination. I shall order this the next time.

Our meal at Match Box cafe was satisfying. We enjoyed especially the Pancake.




Match Box Cafe

G/F, Highland Mansion, 8 Cleveland Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay
銅鑼灣Fashion Walk加寧街8號海倫大廈地舖



Opening Hours

Daily 0800 to 2300


Getting There

By MTR – Causeway Bay (Exit E)


Rating: 8/10