Le Spa - At Chun Tin Road

Le Spa At Chun Tin Road, Upper Bukit Timah


I was invited to experience a 90 minutes massage session priced at $90 with Le Spa. It is located at 16 Chun Tin Road, at Upper Bukit Timah. I was pretty excited as I enjoy massage but I could hardly find one which, in my opinion, is good enough. As most masseuse did not have enough strength to exert a good enough pressure. Thus, I never really enjoy at the end. Nonetheless, I still accepted the invitation and hoping it will be good.


Le Spa - Le Spa Entrance


Though the address is 16 Chun Tin Road, the entrance is by Yuk Tong Avenue. Enter via the glass door and turn right, you will be greeted by a flight of stairs, leading to the 2nd floor where Le Spa is perched.


Le Spa - Counter


When entered, you will find a soothing lobby with a friendly staff welcoming you to Le Spa.

There were quite a number of individual rooms for massage and the corridor were pretty oriental in design.


Le Spa - Interior View


I was led to a room with a simple but comfortable massage bed. Nothing fanciful. Cabinets were provided for you to put your belongings.

A masseuse entered and her name is Gigi. When she started, I could feel enough strength exerted onto my body and through out the massage, the right amount of strength was given. From the massage on my body, she could tell me which part of my body I am having aches and pain and she seems to have helped to relieve lots of the aches, especially on my shoulders which I have most problems with.


Le Spa - Massage Room


At the end of the session, I was relieved of the aches and my body felt lighten and a cup of Ginger Tea was served.

Though everything was simple, no fanciful Jacuzzi, neither bath was provided at the end of the massage but I truly enjoyed the session. In a nutshell, this is the best session I have ever experienced so far.

The good news about Le Spa is that it is run 24 hours. You can pamper yourself any time round the clock, at your convenience and at a very reasonable pricing. Beside the outlet at Upper Bukit Timah, the other outlet is in town. It is located off Club Street (Gemmill Lane).




Le Spa

16A Chun Tin Road Singapore
Tel: +65 6222 6805

Website: http://lespa.com.sg/


Opening Hours


24 Hours; Closed on Chinese New Year
[Preferably to book 2 days in advance.]


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight opposite Beauty World Centre along Jalan Anak Bukit or along Upper Bukit Timah Road   67, 75, 170, 171, 173, 184, 852, 961
  • alight before or after Upper Bukit Timah along Jalan Jurong Kechil   61, 77, 157, 173, 174, 174e, 970, 985


Rating: 8/10



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