The Clueless Goat - Interior

The Clueless Goat Cafe – Thomson Road

When I first heard of The Clueless Goat At Thomson Road, I didn’t quite like the name. “Clueless” sounded not too nice. Apart from the name, the cafe is pretty awesome in all aspects. From the interior design to the food to the service.


The Clueless Goat - Menu


The menu isn’t the most tempting or most interesting. They serve simple Brunches and Sandwiches items with Salad, sides and Waffles. And of course coffee and tea and some other drinks too. Even though, that’s the case, all the items I tried so far were pretty outstanding.


The Clueless Goat - Avocado BLT


The Avocado BLT was on a Sour Dough. As I never like Sour Dough, I requested for a change to Multi-grain Toast. The ingredients were simple but it was this simplicity that attracted me. It was certainly delish.


The Clueless Goat - Eggs Benedict


For the Eggs Benedict, the hollandaise sauce was awesome too, creamy and not the over sourish kind. The only complaint I have is the yolk was a little too cooked, not runny.


The Clueless Goat Cafe - Lemon Meringue


I tried one of the dessert too, the Lemon Meringue Tart. I like the tart base though the portion of Tart versus Lemon Curd versus Meringue could be altered to get a more zing flavour.


The Clueless Goat - 5 oz White


Finally the coffee, it was awesome. The way I like it. It was medium to full body, low acidity with a strong nutty and chocolaty flavour note.

I like everything about The Clueless Goat though the dessert could be improved. I was at the cafe three times before I came up with this post and each time when I was at the cafe, the service was certainly friendly, warm and prompt. This is so even on occasion where the cafe was extremely busy. Well Done The Clueless Goat!




The Clueless Goat

189 Thomson Road Singapore 307631
Tel: +65 92976960 / 82830885



Opening Hours


Monday – Thursday 0800 to 1800; Friday 0800 to 2230; Saturday 0900 to 2230; Sunday 0900 to 1800


Getting There



  • North-South line – Novena station


By Bus:

  • alight at or opp United Square along Thomson Road   56, 57, 131, 166, 851, 960
  • alight at Novena Square along Thomson Road   21
  • alight at St Michael School or Revival Church along Moulmein Road   21, 124
  • alight at or opp Hotel Royal along Newton Road   5, 54, 124, 143, 162, 162M, 167


Rating: 7.5/10