Brunches Cafe - Another view of Cafe

Brunches Cafe – Rangoon Road


Brunches Cafe at Rangoon Road is at the same side of Old Hen but further down (if you are coming from Farrer Park MRT station).


Brunches Cafe - Interior


The cafe has a vintage and maybe a little retro theme.


Brunches Cafe - Vintage Items For Sales on Display


You can find lots of vintage items, from Television, Telephone, Typewriter, some ornaments, toys and etc. All these are for sales.


Brunches Cafe - Car Seats


And the highlight in the cafe is the retro car which is refurnished into a comfort seats for 4. I have been occupying this table on 2 visits so far. Hehe!


Brunches Cafe - Pastries & Bread


It has an extensive Brunch menu. There are lots of egg dishes and others such as Granola and Pancakes are also found on the menu. There are quite some Starters and Sides, Pizza, Sandwiches, Burgers and Waffles too. And over at the display, you will find a range of pastries, bread and cakes. Pretty spoiled for choice.


Brunches Cafe - Egg Florentine


The Egg Florentine came with some Sauteed Mushroom, Grilled Tomato and a Salad ($15). The portion is pretty reasonable. I find the dish quite tasty, especially the Sauteed Mushroom.


Brunches Cafe - Grilled Shrimp Sandwich


I was surprised to find that the Grilled Shrimp Sandwich ($17) has Truffle Fries, instead of the normal fries. In the sandwich, there were generous amount of creamy sauce with roe and cheese together with Greens and slices of Tomato. Personally, I find this dish tasty but the creamy sauce is a little too abundant.


Brunches Cafe - Tofu Cheesecake


I actually ordered a Tofu Cheesecake ($3) but after it was served, I was informed that it may not have set perfectly yet so the service crew suggested that I should change to the Cupcake ($3.50) without extra charge. I appreciate the gesture as they know the importance of serving only the best. And they were very apologetic about it too.


Brunches Cafe - Red Velvet with Mango Sauce


They highly recommended me the Red Velvet or the Chocolate, which both are similar in a way in my opinion. And I opted for the Red Velvet that came with Mango Sauce. The cupcake was soft and moist. It was not the spongy, fluffy kind but more on the dense side. It has a lovely chocolaty flavour and the mango sauce added a nice fruity fragrance to it.

To sum up my experience, Brunches Cafe offers delish food though it doesn’t come cheap. The exception were the cakes which were pretty reasonable priced. Service were mainly self service from ordering to collection of food, except for coffee which was served. Will I go back again? For the ambience, yes, I would. So, I would say, it would very much depend, on mood, and etc.



Brunches Cafe

96 Rangoon Road Singapore 218381
Tel: +65 8685 8488



Opening Hours


Monday, Wednesday – Friday 1030 to 2100; Saturday – Sunday 0930 to 2100; Closed on Tuesday


Getting There



  • Northeast line – Farrer Park (Exit B)


By Bus:

  • alight at Kentis Lodge along Rangoon Road – 131


Rating: 7.5/10