Re-group X Scoop Therapy - Another View of Interior

Re-Group X Scoop Therapy Cafe At Kim Keat Road

Re-Group x Scoop Therapy is by the folks behind Group Therapy. I quite like the food served at Group Therapy so I went down to check on them twice.

The first time, I ordered Shepherd Pie. This is not commonly seen in cafe. This dish is best for cafehoppers who like potato and meat as you get the best of both world. When it was served, I thought it was a pretty small portion but to my surprise, it was very filling due to the potato. This Shepherd Pie has a pretty equal portion of mashed potato and meat. The Mashed Potato has a crisp crust on the outer layer and soft inside. It was quite an awesome dish. The best part was, it came with a side salad of Mesclun Mixed drizzled with Japanses like Sesame salad dressing.


Re-group X Scoop Therapy - Shepherd Pie


And I ordered a Cappuccino. It was pretty decent; medium body and acidity with nutty flavour note.


Re-group X Scoop Therapy - Cappuccino


The ice cream was too tempting to give it a missed. I spotted an interesting flavour, Maple Bacon. I never like Bacon, so I still don’t fancy this flavour. As for the texture of ice cream, it has a pretty creamy texture and medium sweetness. Beside this interesting flavour, there are some others such as Coconut Mango, Butter Beer and Malted Cornflakes which I am very keen to try.



On my second visit, I tried their Pumpkin Pancake. The Pancake was very soft and melted in the mouth. The Poached Eggs were with runny yolks, that was awesome. While the Hollandaise Sauce was creamy and slight briny, that was nice too. But the Pulled Pork was a little to salty. As the Pulled Pork was with some gravy, and it sat on the half the Pancake, resulted in this half a little soggy. The other half was covered by the salad and the Pancake was fine. As it was Pumpkin Pancake, it was a shame that I could not really taste the pumpkin. It was too subtle. The Pancake does taste extra sweet as I am sure the Pumpkin contributed to the sweetness. The side salad was similar to the one offered with the Shepherd Pie.


Re-group X Scoop Therapy - Pumpkin Pancake


This round, instead of having coffee, I ordered an Iced Matcha Latte. I find the taste a little too dilute. The Matcha flavour was a little weak.


Re-group X Scoop Therapy - Iced Matcha Latte


I like the ambience of the cafe as the few large glass panel allows natural light to penetrate into the cafe creating a bright, warm feel. The theme seems very much like Scandinavia style. All in all, it is very soothing and comforting as a whole.


Re-group X Scoop Therapy - Interior


As for the page, two pages. You will find food on the front and beverages and desserts on the back.


Re-group X Scoop Therapy - Menu


I find that some of the food served at Re-group was pretty interesting. There are many interesting items on the menu that I wanted to try such as the Mushroom Gnocchi, Crunchy French Toast and Buttermilk Fried Chicken. The menu “Wow” me but somehow, the food doesn’t. It is without doubt that it was delish but the Wow factor is somehow missing.




Re-group X Scoop Therapy

12 Kim Keat Road Singapore 328841
Tel: +65 6258 3688



Opening Hours 


Tuesday – Friday 1200 to 2200; Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday 1000 to 2200; Closed on Monday


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight opp Balestier Point along Balestier Road   21, 124, 125, 130, 131, 139, 145, 186
  • alight after Pegu Road along Balestier Road   21, 130, 131, 145, 186


Rating: 7/10