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AEIOU Cafe – King George’s Avenue Lavender


AEIOU Cafe is located along King George’s Avenue perpendicular to Lavendar Road, around Jalan Besar,. It has a very cute Dino as its mascot. You can find this little mascot literary at every corner of the cafe. I first notice it on the cup and then a wooden plate.


AEIOU Cafe - Interior


As I was chatting with a friend of the cafe owner whom helped to set up the cafe, I found that this little Dino loves Chocolate and it is signifying life, carefree and child-like so the theme is extended to the cafe and you can find colourful cute ornaments and cushy bright pillows with cute characters displayed throughout the space.


AEIOU Cafe - A Cosy Corner


The entire cafe is filled with lots of cute ornaments made from the oil drums. They have customise-made their cups and plates too. Lots of effort has been put into the every details and of course the food they served as well.


AEIOU Cafe - Mushroom Soup


I ordered a Mushroom Soup. It was served with 2 slices of Garlic bread which seems to be baguette. The Mushroom Soup was drizzled with quite some truffle oil and when served, I could smell the wonderful truffle aroma. The Mushroom Soup was slightly creamy and has tons of blended mushrooms in it. A very flavourful bowl of soup. The only complaint I have was there were some fibrous stuff in it that was a little unpleasant.


AEIOU Cafe - Osmanthus Jasmine Cake


I wanted the Yuzu Jasmine Cheesecake but was unavailable that day and so I settled for the Osmanthus Jasmine Sponge Cake. The sponge cake was awesome; soft and fluffy, lightly sweetish. It would have been perfect if the Osmanthus were stronger.


AEIOU Cafe - Cappuccino


Finally, my cup of Cappuccino. AEIOU is one of the rare cafe that chose to serve a dark roast instead of the medium or light roast. The coffee was robust with full body, low acidity and a nutty and nutmeg spice hint.

I revisited AEIOU cafe after its official opening with my Mom as they have their full menu up.

Good news for Vegetarian Cafe Hopper, AEIOU serves quite a good selection of Vegetarian dishes. And good news for Tea Drinkers, they have a about 2 pages of different Teas.


AEIOU Cafe - Spring Villes


We ordered a Side Dish, Spring Villes. We enjoyed this dish most among all our other orders. This is an adapted version of the Vietnamese Roll. It is a made up prawns, greens and interesting some brightly coloured edible flowers. It tasted great with the Sourish Peanut dip. It was absolutely awesome.


AEIOU Cafe - This Salad Is No Quack


We have a Salad too, “This Salad Is No Quack”, which is basically a Duck Confit Salad. The dressing for the salad is a simple olive oil. The flavours comes mainly from the oranges. A side Honey Mustard sauce was accompanied with a good portion of Duck Leg. It is very much like a Main Dish to me. My Mom enjoyed this but I find the Duck Confit too salty even when it was eaten together with the salad.


AEIOU Cafe - Moo-licious Cheeks


Lastly (technically not our last dish), we shared a Main, Moo-licious. It is a Beef Cheek with Tagliatelle Pasta with balsamic vinegar. The sourish Balsamic vinegar went well with the Beef but not with Pasta. We didn’t enjoy this dish.


AEIOU Cafe - Blueberry Lemon Meringue


Finally, it was time for dessert. Among the mainly choices, we have the Blueberry Lemon Meringue. The cake was a little too dense while the Meringue was icy, it didn’t melt in the mouth. The Lemon flavour was stronger than the Blueberry. I wish it was better balanced. Personally, I felt there are rooms for improvement.


AEIOU Cafe - Thai Iced Coffee


l tried their Thai Iced Coffee this round. I tasted like our Kopitiam Iced Kopi that has a slight sourish tinge.

AEIOU cafe has pretty interesting food selection on its menu which is a little different to the cafe scene. And also the cakes were unique in flavours. But I think there are still rooms for improvement.




111 King George’s Avenue Singapore 208559
Tel: +65 6291 2698



Opening Hours


Tuesday – Thursday 1000 to 2200


Getting There



  • East West line – Lavender station


By Bus:

  • alight opposite Pek Chuan Building along Lavender Street   13, 67, 133, 145
  • alight at Hock Send Building along Lavender Street   13, 61, 67, 107, 133, 145, 175, 961
  • alight at Lavender station along Kallang Road   2, 12, 32, 33, 51, 61, 80, 107,  107M, 133, 145, 175, 197
  • alight at Lavender station, next to ICA   2, 12, 33, 107, 107M, 133


Rating: 7/10


  • Updated with revisit on 30 Jan 2015

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  1. dear blogger. Just one thing to correct in your post.The picture depicted that you labelled as a ‘cappuccino’ looks more like a latte to me

    1. Hi Annonymous,
      Oh really?! Interesting. I indeed ordered a Cappuccino and not a Latte. Latte is never my cup of coffee. Thanks for your feedback.

      By the way, how do you differential a Cappuccino and a Latte from the look? Hope you could give me a few pointers.

      NAHMJ (Michelle)

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