LJJ Cafe - Overview

LJJ Cafe (梁佳吉), A Kopi Shop, At Circuit Road


LJJ Cafe sounded like some western modern cafe, but it is actually some sort similar to Toastbox or Heavenly Wang or Killiney. Its Chinese name is 梁佳吉,  located on Circuit Road, an area with senior folks, I find it very apt. It is also a good addition with Nom Cafe nearby.



I find the menu intriguing, a Chinese vs a English menu. It was pretty cool.


LJJ Cafe - Interior


LJJ Cafe has a very vintage feel as on one of the wall, it has all the vintage poster and games and of course the red metal gate added to the element.


LJJ Cafe - Toast Bread Set


For a change, I ordered the Steamed Bread but it wasn’t available so I got the Toasted Bread instead. It wasn’t a bad choice as I always prefer Toasted Bread. The amount of kaya and butter was pretty generous and the kaya has a good pandan and coconut flavour. If you prefer crispy stuff, opt for crackers. The coffee wasn’t as good as the food. I certainly think it could be better.

In LJJ Cafe, beside the Kaya Butter Toast, you can also find Nasi Lemak, Chicken Curry, Mee Siam and also Ham or Sausage with different type of Egg Breakfast Set. There are some cakes too.


LJJ Cafe - Mini Cakes


I got 2 pieces of the cake. They were using fresh cream instead of butter cream.

LJJ Cafe offered delish food. A great addition to the area.



LJJ Cafe (梁佳吉)

Blk 77 Circuit Road #01-450 Singapore 370077
Tel: +65 6547 8077


Opening Hours

Daily 0700 to 2200


Getting There

By Bus:
– alight at blk 77 or Blk 79 Food Centre along Circuit Road 40, 61, 63, 63M, 65, 135, 154, 155, 158


Rating: 7.5/10