The Quarters At The Icon Village, Tanjong Pagar, So Fusion


I have been to the new extension of the Icon Village for a strolled to check out what’s new previously. The last round I tried the TwoMen Bagel House and this time I tested out The Quarters. The menu of The Quarters is with an Asian Fusion theme. It cleverly paired the Asian and the Western ingredients to create marvellous dishes.

When you walked passed The Quarters, one might find it ordinary in the design. Nothing attractive, nothing fanciful. The tables and chairs were very much like the 70s school desk used in Singapore with a little industrial elements such as the cemented walls. The kitchen is hidden behind the cemented wall with the counter at a corner. But I have a penchant for Asian Fusion food so no doubt I will proceed to try.

There is a four page menu. One page each for the Appertiser, Mains, Desserts and Brunch. For the menu, click here.

While I was browsing the menu, a service crew came forward to my assistance and she was able to describe to me each of the mains, which is a total of eight dishes, and the about the two desserts I asked. And mind you, it was with great details. I was very impressed. And this helped in my ordering.

My orders were The Asian Truffle for Main followed by Duraincanboleh for dessert and Cappuccino for drink.


The Quarters - The Asian Truffle, Buah Keluah with Chicken and Capellini


I was shocked to see The Asian Truffle. Indeed, it well deserved the name. The entire dish was blackish. Next I noticed the noodles, it looked like the mee-kia (a Chinese thin noodles). And it was served in a bowl, very much like the way we eat the noodles, with lots of black sauce. I feel like eating it with a pair of chopsticks and a Chinese spoon. LOL. The entire dish has a very strong flavour of the Buah Keluah. Some may find it a little too intense. But I enjoyed it. The texture of the pasta is on the softer side. Very much like eating the Chinese handmade noodles or maybe the ramen.


The Quarters - Duraincanboleh, Durain Creme Brulee


I am not a fan of Creme Brulee but I am a fan of Durain. It is the combination that appealed to me. It’s a perfect combination of Asian Fusion. The durain and the creamy creme brulee paired so well and the sweetness was at the perfect level. The entire creation was superb. I relished the Duraincanboleh.

Finally, the coffee. It was as good as the food. It has a medium body, medium to low acidity and medium aroma. It is nutty with hint of caramel note.


The Quarters - Cappuccino


My lunch was awesome.

My verdict? Great food, warm service at a reasonable price, I will surely return for more.



The Quarters

16 Enggor Street, Icon Village, #01-09 Singapore 079717
Tel: +65 6834 4174



Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday 0800 to 2200; Friday 0800 to 2300; Saturday 1000 to 2300; Sunday 1000 to 2200


Getting There

By MRT: North-South Line -Tanjong Pagar station

By Bus: alight at the bus stop either before Wallich Road or after Craig Road – 80, 145


Rating: 8/10