TwoMen Bagel House At Icon Village in Tanjong Pagar


TwoMen Bagel House is located in the new extension of Icon Village. As the named suggested it is a shop specialises in Bagel and my guess is that it is opened by two gentlemen. I believe this is first of its kind in Singapore. The first time I saw a bagel shop was in the US about ten years ago. I was so glad that finally such a concept is setup in Singapore as I am a bagel fan. Most of the bagel I find in Singapore weren’t freshly baked but theirs are.


TwoMen Bagel House - Counter


Their menu revolves around bagel. You can have it plain or with schmears or the savory. I was informed by one of the crew that the savory bagels is very filling though I would love to have one with the Cured Salmon. I was recommended the Lox & Dill Cream Cheese which I very quickly decided to go along as I like cream cheese. I always like my bagel with cream cheese. There were plain or white & sesame bage to choose from and I opted for the sesame one. And I won’t forget to have it with a cappuccino.


TwoMen Bagel House - Menu


I never like to dine in using disposable plates and cup. When I saw the presentation, I was a little upset. But beyond the look, the bagel was excellent. It was fresh, soft with a touch of chewiness. The cream cheese was mixed with some cured salmon bites and dill which was an awesome idea. Something which I didn’t expect, I could have the best of both world. One little shortcoming was the sesame kept dropping off from the bagel since they started handling the bagel. When it reached the table, I could hardly see any sesame seeds left. I wonder if they could mix the sesame seeds into the dough, instead of having it on the top. This I believe would retain the sesame. Alternatively, maybe it would be a good idea to sprinkle the sesame on the cheese spread.

The coffee was decent. It was a medium bodies, low acidity and low aroma with notes of bittersweet chocolate, milk chocolate and hint of citrus fruit.


TwoMen Bagel House - My Order, Lox and Dill Cream Cheese Bagel & Cappuccino


My final thoughts? I will return for the fresh bagel.



TwoMen Bagel House

16 Enggor Street, Icon Village Altez #01-12 Singapore 079717
Tel: +65 6509 4125



Opening Hours

Daily 0800 to 2000


Getting There

By MRT: North-South Line -Tanjong Pagar station

By Bus:
– alight at the bus stop either before Wallich Road or after Craig Road – 80, 145


Rating: 7.5/10