Sunday Folks - Counter

Sunday Folks @ Chip Bee Gardens Serving Soft Serve


Creamier is now turning to Soft Serve Ice Cream with the opening of Sunday Folks, at a hipster area, Holland Village. And to be specific, it is at Chip Bee Gardens. Unlike their first venture which is at a quiet neighbourhood. This new venture seems to be they are really into attracting the young crowd.

When I arrived at the shop, I was taken aback to find the cafe crowded with a queue on a weekday afternoon. I was planning to enjoy the waffle with a soft serve but my original plan has to be changed to takeaway.


Sunday Folks - Menu


After browsing the one page menu, with six flavour of soft serve ice cream to choose from, I was indecisive between the Earl Grey Lavender and the Sea Salt Gula Melaka. Somehow Sea Salt Gula Melaka has more charm and I was won over by it.


Sunday Folks - Number Cone


I was given a number cone after I was done with my ordering at the counter. The wait was quite a while and finally, my takeaway cone was served to me.


Sunday Folks - Sea Salted Gula Melaka Soft Serve


The Sea Salt Gula Melaka was lightly in flavour with very light amount of saltiness and very light gula melaka flavoured. I like the mochi and the sesame crisp. Initially, I thought the dark brown coloured cone was a chocolate flavoured cone but it doesn’t taste like there was chocolate. The texture of the cone is like the belgium biscuit wafer and it wasn’t too sweet.

On another occasion, I was craving for soft serve ice cream, so I went down to try their Earl Grey Lavender. The Earl Grey aroma is far too light. I would have preferred it to be a little stronger.


Sunday Folks - Earl Grey Lavender Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone


The soft serve ice cream is as good as the Creamier ice cream. It was as good as expected. Hopefully, when returned, I will find a seat so that I could enjoy it with their signature waffle. And I hope they could have matcha flavour in future too.



Sunday Folks

44 Jalan Merah Saga, Chip Bee Gardens #01-52 Singapore 278116
Tel: +65 6479 9166



Opening Hours

Tuesday – Friday 1300 to 2200; Saturday – Sunday 1200 to 2200; Closed on Mondays


Getting There

By MRT: Circle line – Holland Village

By Bus:
– alight at Blk 12 or at Holland Village MRT station along Holland Avenue 48, 61, 95, 106, 970

– alight at or opposite Holland Village along Holland Road 7, 61, 75, 77, 95, 165, 970


Rating: 7.5/10