The Coffee Academics - Interior

The Coffee Academics – Wan Chai


The Coffee Academics, a purveyor and roaster, specialises in coffee and coffee only has two outlets and a kiosk in Hong Kong. I went to the outlet at Wan Chai for breakfast on a weekday.


The Coffee Academics - Counter


The cafe has a very English Bar feel. Lots of high chairs along the bar counter, a communal table by the side and of course the normal tables as well. The cafe is considerably big.


The Coffee Academics - Breakfast Menu


It has a simple Breakfast menu but all were items that I like.


The Coffee Academics - Drinks Menu


It has a separate menu for drinks and other food menu, which I termed it as non-breakfast menu.


The Coffee Academics - My Breakfast, Smoked Salmon and Two Eggs Any Styled


After much contemplation, I ordered the Smoked Salmon and Two Eggs Any Styled. I like Sunny Side-up best so that was my choice. The presentation was lovely. It was ashamed that they covered the lovely rose-shaped smoked salmon with greens.


The Coffee Academics - Smoked Salmon in shape of rose


The eggs tasted great with dashes of pepper and chopped parsley. I like the salad very much. It was tossed well in a sweet and sour plum sauce if I am correct. It was appetising. It was a pity that the bread they served was a staled.


The Coffee Academics - My Coffee, Cappuccino


The coffee, good. It has a medium to low acidity, medium body, good aroma with fruity hint and tasted creamy too.

I like The Coffee Academics, the feel, the food, the cafe, everything about Coffee Academics, I like them. It is one of the cafe serving better breakfast food. It is definitely a great cafe to go either alone or in group, even large group, it can accommodate. And it has free WiFi too.



The Coffee Academics – Wanchai

35-45 Johnston Road, Wan Chai
Tel: +852 2154 1180



Opening Hours


Mondays – Thursdays 0800 to 2200; Fridays 0800 to 2300; Saturdays 0900 to 2300; Sundays 0900 to 2100


Getting There


By MTR: Wan Chai (Exit B2)


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