IKKYU Japanese Causal Restaurant - Restaurant Front

IKKYU Japanese Causal Restaurant At Mongkok, Crowded


My colleague took me to this Japanese Restaurant very popular with the youth. When we were there at about 6.30 pm, the entire ground floor was filled to almost the brim. But luckily we still manage to get a table for 2. One of the last seats.


IKKYU Japanese Causal Restaurant - Sashimi Rice


I ordered the Sashimi Rice, one of my favourite Japanese dish. The rice was a little too hard. The fish though did not have any fishy taste but doesn’t have the sweet raw fish taste and the sashimi was a little too dry as well. I feel that the cutting skill of the chef was not excellent as well as some part of the fish, I called it the “tendon” was within the fish slices. So I kind of have to struggle while chewing the slice.


IKKYU Japanese Causal Restaurant - Starter, Marinated Seafood


We ordered a starter with three different kind of marinated seafood for sharing. All I know was, it was crunchy and basically all tasted the same. The only different was one was spicier, one was sweeter and one was saltier.


IKKYU Japanese Causal Restaurant - Mixed Vegetables Hot Pot


My colleague chose the Mixed Vegetable Hot Pot as she wanted some soupy stuff and vegetables so that was the best choice. I tried it as well. We have the same verdict … it was very normal, very homemade. She added that it tasted like the soup she cooked at home.

Our conclusion was the food was not great. Still acceptable but I won’t opt this restaurant. As for me, I don’t understand why there are such as crowd.



IKKYU Japanese Causal Restaurant 休日本料理

G/F & 1/F, 17 Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok
Tel: +852 3188 9410


Opening Hours


Daily 1200 to 1600; 1800 to 0100


Getting There


By MTR – Mongkok (Exit E2)


Rating: 6/10